Magic Johson Dan Gilbert Detroit commercialWho’s the biggest and baddest powerhouse team in Detroit?  Sure, the Tigers are on fire (that’s eleven in a row…winning!), but the latest unstoppable force in the Motor City is none other than Dan Gilbert, Jay Farner, and Earvin “Magic” Johnson!

After Magic announced in a press conference that he’d be a part of the starting line-up with Dan Gilbert and Detroit Venture Partners, he stopped by our headquarters to play a friendly pick-up game of basketball.  This wasn’t the type of NBA most valuable player style balling Magic is accustomed to, though.  He wasn’t here to net a sweet J, and it wasn’t on our amazing replica of the Cleveland Cavaliers court.  The hall-of-famer, our chairman and founder, Dan Gilbert, and chief marketing officer, Jay Farner, were all making it rain on the rooftop with Android mobile phones!

You’re probably wondering why anyone be tossing brand new smartphones off the roof (disclaimer: no phones were harmed in the making of this commercial).  It’s all a part of our currently running Android promotion here at Quicken Loans!  Call us today to get a complimentary mortgage review and find out how you can score an Android phone!

The commercial (which is now airing on TV) shows Magic, Dan, and Jay taking shots from way downtown to your town, landing in the hands of our amazed clients across the country.  There was a direct ray of sun beaming atop the fourteen story building (I mean… basketball court), and the trio braved it the way only true champions can.  Over two days, Magic and his teammates, Dan and Jay, lit up the cameras with their smiles and jump shots (but surely also had a blast reveling in their memories in East Lansing as Michigan State Spartans).

At Quicken Loans, we’ve got the Motown Magic.  Slam dunk into this week’s Watch-It Wednesday clip below of the Android TV spot, brought to you by our creative media magicians.

Stephanie Koske writes for Quicken Loans, ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination” by J.D. Power and Associates.  Check out what some of our amazed customers have to say at Epinions.

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