Pet Homes - Quicken Loans Zing BlogHappy Love Your Pet Day!  Today is a day for pet owners everywhere to show their pets how much they care. If you’ve been looking to pamper your pet this holiday, check out these different types of pet houses.

A doghouse is the most popular type of pet house amongst pet owners. Typically a miniature house is placed in the backyard to give your beloved pet shelter.

Now, you might be thinking that all dog houses are the same – you would be wrong. Many of them have heating, air conditioning, lighting, and extensive architecture.

Check out some of these luxury doghouses from Rockstar Puppy.  These pet houses range from $6,000 to $40,000. These houses include replicas of churches, the Taj Mahal, and Mexican haciendas. You can work with a builder to create your own custom doghouse.

If you aren’t looking to get another mortgage for your pet home, there are other options. Petco offers a variety of doghouses at an affordable cost. You can get fancy looking a-frame houses, igloos, tents, or just regular looking doghouses. If you have multiple dogs, there are houses available that would give each pup their own space. If you are looking to add on to your current doghouse, attachable porches and doors are also available. They also sell doghouse accessories if your pet already has a house, but you still want to make them feel loved on this holiday.

Are you’re looking to have your furry friend join you in your sustainability efforts? There are pet homes that can also double as planters – pet space on the bottom, garden on top. It would probably be pretty easy to build your own – just make sure the plants are pet safe.

If you aren’t a dog owner and you love your cat, you probably know your cat wouldn’t enjoy some of those doghouses. Cats like carpet and many different places to sleep – all cat owners know that cats like to nap in different places. Kitty Mansions offers top of the line cathouses that your pet will be sure to love.

If you have a small pet like a mouse or a hamster they are probably always in a cage (I hope).  Petsmart offers habitat expansions like tunnels and towers that will give your small pets more space to run.

If you aren’t quite sure if your pet needs their own living space this Love Your Pet Day, just give them an extra treat and some attention.  They will probably love you just as much anyway!


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