The Local Economic Impact of the World Series - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIf you’re a San Francisco Giants fan or a Detroit Tigers enthusiast, you’re walking on cloud nine right now.

After all – a grueling 162-game regular season and two rounds of the post season can take a major toll on a fan, and finally you’re enjoying the fruits of your fandom’s labor.

However, if you’re a local restaurant or bar owner in either San Francisco or Detroit, you’re probably just as happy as the players and coaches that made it to the World Series, because you’re about to see an unbelievable surge in business over the next 10 days.

Just by taking a look at the possible economic impact in Detroit, my eyes instantly turned into dollar signs, and I’m not even a business owner.

First off, if you want to find a hotel room in Detroit during the weekend of games three, four, and potentially – but hopefully not – game five, good luck. According to Crain’s Detroit Business, over 2,000 hotel rooms have already been booked for the home set of the World Series in Detroit.

Considering Detroit isn’t necessarily a hot vacation destination like San Francisco, I’d say that’s a higher volume than most hotels would have expected for the end of October.

Crain’s also reports that if the series goes at least five games – again, let’s hope for a four-game sweep by the Tigers – the local economic impact could be toward the better part of a $30 million boost.

Seem like a lot? Take into consideration all of the bars and restaurants in the area that are going to see more patrons walking through the door than usual, not to mention the out-of-towners looking for something to do while they’re in the city.

For instance, the local bar Bookies has already ordered 10 times as much beer than they would for a regular home game, and when all is said and done, the owner is anticipating $100,000 in additional revenue from the World Series coming to town.

All of these numbers are fine and grand, but what I feel is way more important to look at are the intangibles that come along with the exposure that Detroit is going to get.

The last time the Tigers played in the World Series was 2006, and saying that a lot has changed in six years would be a colossal understatement.

From businesses coming downtown to new restaurants opening up, I think the national spotlight on Detroit is going to change people’s perceptions in a positive manner.


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