Keep On Learning - Quicken Loans Zing BlogYou’ve probably thought to yourself at some point, “I would love to learn a new skill.” Sure, you can learn skills from TV or books, but sometimes you just need that hands-on classroom experience.

Maybe you’re interested in gaining more cooking skills for personal growth or learning a new computer program to add to your resume. However, you may not want to spend the money and probably don’t have a whole lot of time to take a full-fledged college class. Look no further than your local community college to add new skills to your resume or just to learn new things.

Most community colleges around the United States offer programs called Continuing Education or Lifelong Learning. These classes aren’t official college credit classes that you can apply toward a degree. Rather, they’re short-term classes, running anywhere from one evening to several weeks, that you can enroll in and receive certifications. You can use these certifications to enhance your resume or help you on the path toward a new career. From marketing to the medical field, many programs can introduce you to a new career or give you the skills to advance in your current profession.

Continuing Education classes at community colleges also offer classes for personal growth. Want to learn how to start a garden? Want to learn how to take what you’ve grown and cook an elaborate meal? Curious as to what wine would go with what you just made? Looking to start a blog about your gardening and cooking experience, but aren’t sure where to start? There’s probably a LifeLong Learning class available to teach you all you need to know to turn that empty patch in your backyard into a fabulous, fruitful garden that you can then use to feed your family!

You’d be surprised how many classes and the variety of topics Continuing Education and LifeLong Learning programs offer. There’s sure to be something to entice you.

I’ve taken two LifeLong Learning classes at the community college close to my house. The first class I took was actually for motorcycle safety. Having never ridden a motorcycle before, I found the class more than adequate in providing the foundation to be a safe rider on the road. This past spring, I signed up for an online LifeLong Learning class discussing search engine optimization, which has helped me structure my own website and my posts here on Zing to receive top search engine results. Additionally, several of my friends and family have taken LifeLong Learning courses the past year for certificates in basic computer skills and phlebotomy.

I found the amount of classwork reasonable and easy to complete, even while working a full-time job. I’ve enjoyed the classes I participated in; with more classes available online, I plan on signing up for another class at the end of the summer.

I would highly recommend taking a LifeLong Learning or continuing education class if you are looking into a new career or just for your own personal enjoyment.

Whether you are looking to expand your professional portfolio or just learn some new skills for your own personal growth, a Continuing Education or Lifelong Learning class at your local community college might be the perfect fit. Visit or call your area community college for more information about their continuing education programs.

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