Lesser Known Credit Card Perks - Quicken Loans Zing BlogToday credit cards boast airline miles and cash back bonuses as rewards for their customers. With dreams of exotic vacations or cash back every month, we sign up for the cards only to discover that in order to redeem points you need an obscene amount of points. I don’t make big purchases every day, so to get a $25 TGIFriday’s gift card takes me months.

One day when I was extremely bored, I decided to sit down and read all the documents that came with a credit card I received. While in my mind I tried to think of other ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, I read on and became more intrigued and surprised by my findings. My credit cards actually offer more than just airline miles and gift cards. A Buffalo News article from June 2012 reports over half of MasterCard users aren’t aware of the extra services MasterCard offers. I was certainly a part of that crowd but not anymore—neither are you!

I decided to dig deeper and see what I could find regarding these seldom-plugged perks. These are some of the additional benefits your card may offer that you had no idea about:

  • Car rental insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Trip cancelation insurance
  • Lost or damaged luggage insurance
  • Extended warranties for electronics
  • Better return policies than stores
  • Concierge service for restaurants, concerts, shows, shops and more
  • Free or discounted admission to museums
  • Price protection guarantees
  • Fraudulent purchase protection

Not every card offers all these extras and the conditions and details may vary, but how do you find out what perks a card offers and the details on each? For credit cards you already have, you can look at the agreement statement sent with your card or call a customer service representative at the company. If you want to see which cards offer which perks, you can look online at the specific card’s website or Cardoffers.com. You can also speak directly with a representative at the card company.

Credit cards offer way more than most people think. Aside from the advertised rewards, you’re card might protect you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. From faulty or broken electronics to travel insurance, knowing more about your credit card can help save you money. If your card covers car rental insurance or extends the warranty on the new TV you bought, why would you spend extra money purchasing the protection?

It certainly pays to read the fine print on your next credit card agreement. What additional perks did you discover your card offers? Share below with fellow Zing readers!


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