Affordable. Easy. Efficient. Three things you don’t usually expect a mortgage to be, right? Fortunately, Quicken Loans is here to grant you those three wishes with our HomePath® Mortgage.

A specifically designed product used to help sell Fannie Mae-owned properties, the HomePath® Mortgage is available through a select group of approved lenders like us. Our Home Loan Experts are here to help you finance below-market-price properties, while keeping the process as simple as possible.

The Lowdown

The HomePath® Mortgage was introduced to allow the borrower (that’s you!) to purchase a Fannie Mae-owned house with a low down payment, flexible mortgage terms, no appraisal, and no PMI (private mortgage insurance). Along with Fannie Mae, we’re helping get Americans across the nation into homes!

Is a HomePath Mortgage Right for You?

We’ve got a pretty good idea that you’re financially savvy and appreciate a good deal when you see one! The HomePath® Mortgage is best if you’re interested in buying or investing in a Fannie Mae-owned home with very little down. And if you like the ease of fast financing and having no appraisal necessary*, we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

*Appraisals required in Montana, Kansas, and West Virginia.

Does This Home Loan Option Work with Your Financial Goals?

Looking for an affordable home that’s easy to qualify for? This is right up your alley!

HomePath® loans are available to homes that are mortgage-ready. Homes must not require renovations or be labeled as HomePath® Mortgage Renovation. Wondering if your property is eligible? Visit to learn more about property eligibility.

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