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Whether you’re just starting a family or adding a new baby to your growing household, the journey toward home financing may seem like a long, winding road of confusion. The last thing you need now is more stress! Rest assured that Quicken Loans is here to make it easier!

If you choose to purchase a new home or refinance your current place, remember that we offer one of the best lending programs to give American homeowners financial flexibility. We’ll listen to your unique situation and help you determine what home financing option is right for you!

How Can Having a Child Affect Your Family’s Finances?

A new addition to the family is enough to think about, but when you add your home finances into the mix, things can get stressful! We understand that you’re looking to have a home loan process that’s smooth and quick as you wait for your little bundle of joy. Luckily, we’ve got industry-leading online tools and caring mortgage bankers to listen to your unique situation.

Fortunately, you and your family have a bit of time to make a decision on purchasing or refinancing your home. Nine months to be exact! Although our mortgage process is quick and often has you closing on your home in 30 days or less, it’s best to start early to ensure maximum ease and savings!

What Home Loan Options May Be Helpful During This Time?

Feel at ease with our variety of options to get your new or existing home prepared for your baby. We’ve got your back while your family makes room for your new bundle of joy!


Already settled into your dream home, but need a little extra money as more kids are being added to the family? Refinancing your home may be the perfect solution. With a 15-Year Fixed-Rate loan, you’ll avoid high interest rates and pay off your mortgage quicker. Want to stay in the house a little longer? Try a 30-Year Fixed-Rate loan that will keep your payments low and steady! If you’d like to refinance your home but not extend the length of your loan term, check out our YOURgage. It’s a revolutionary, customizable home loan option that allows you to choose your own terms! Want a 26-year term? We’ve got it and any other term you choose from 8 to 30 years!

Home Buying

If baby is on his or her way very soon, we’ll help make getting the keys to your new home a reality! Never consulted with a real estate agent before? We can match you with a trusted, prescreened agent through our partners at In-House Realty to ensure you’ll have a seamless (and baby tear free!) home buying experience. If a super-sized down payment seems impossible, we have programs that require as little as 3.5% down!

What kind of loan is right for you and your growing family? With a 30-Year Fixed-Rate loan, payments are low and steady to keep your budget surprise free in a home you’ll stay with for the long haul. When you seek a simple qualification process and government-backed security, an FHA Loan may be a perfect solution. For our veterans, we offer a no down payment guarantee to save first-time home buyers money up front!

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