Get the facts on managing your finances during an out-of-the-blue Life Event!

Ever thought you could leverage your mortgage to help you steer through those winding roads you’ll travel in life? You know, changes like a brand new baby or even an unexpected illness? Don’t fret. We can guide you to make sure a little twist doesn’t turn into a financial speed bump.

Quicken Loans Zing Blog - Learning Center - Life EventsSince we love lending you a helping hand, we’ve compiled all the information you may need when determining how a certain situation may affect your finances. In our Life Events section, you’ll learn how a refinance – or even purchasing a new home – can help you make the most of a transition. There’s even a list of bills, loans, and other financial needs you’ll want to keep an eye on during that unique time in your life. Soak in the knowledge that’ll help clear up any confusion, and don’t forget we’re always here to help!

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