Last-Minute Gifts for Senior Citizens

Last-Minute Gifts for Senior Citizens - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Senior citizens can be pretty hard to shop for. Every year, my grandma gets mad at me for getting her gifts because she “doesn’t need anything.” But I don’t get people gifts because I think they need something, I give gifts because I want them to know that I care. So what do you get the older man or woman in your life who claims to have everything? Well, if you’ve left the toughest bit of shopping until the very last minute, here are a few ideas.

A bookstore gift card or e-reader. If the senior citizen you’re shopping for is an avid reader, a bookstore gift card is sure to be a hit. If the person you’re shopping for is comfortable using the latest technology, an e-reader can be a good option because most e-readers allow you to adjust the size of the text and the brightness of the screen.

Pictures, frames and photo gifts. Pictures of loved ones are sure to put a smile on the face of any senior citizen – and there are so many options. Websites like Shutterfly allow you to put your pictures on just about anything, but if you need the gift within just a few hours, drugstores like Walgreens can create photo gifts that you can order and pick up on the same day. Make a personalized calendar, mug, album, blanket or just about anything else you can dream of. And if it’s too late to print your pictures, simply upload all your digital prints to an electronic picture frame.

A “food of the month” subscription. Who doesn’t like mail? And who doesn’t like free food? Whether it’s jam, spirits, salami or fruit, the foodie in your life will love a year’s subscription to a “food of the month” club. Find some ideas here.

Handmade blankets. A lot of older folks have trouble staying warm – it’s something that many of us will experience. Help the seniors in your life stay comfortable with a special blanket, whether it’s one you make yourself or one you buy. Fleece tie blankets take just a few hours of your time and are easy for just about anyone to make (here’s a tutorial). If you’re going the store-bought route, however, an electric blanket can be a much-appreciated gift.

A great carry on. For the senior citizen who really enjoys retirement, lightweight luggage can be a great gift. If the recipient is really into travel, a fancy rolling carry-on suitcase will help them navigate airports with ease. Try discount chains like TJ Maxx and Marshalls for steep discounts on top brand-name luggage.

Personalized stationery. Email is the way of the world now, but many people in older generations still like to write letters. My grandma sends me a nice, handwritten card for just about every occasion. Customized stationery can be a great option for the letter writer in your life. Check out a few gorgeous options at Minted.

A day out. Instead of stuff, give experiences. Take your elderly grandma/grandpa/mother/father to a museum, to a movie, to a play, to the beach…wherever they want to go. It could be that they don’t need another picture frame, knickknack, or pair of warm socks; maybe all they need is cherished time with the people they love most.

Well, those are my favorite gift ideas for senior citizens. Do you have any to share? Comment below!



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