With April 17 right around the bend, Americans are scrambling to get their taxes in order before the tax man comes a-knockin’.

Over here at the Zing! Blog, we’re always trying to find ways to help make our readers’ lives easier when it comes to just about anything. Whether you’re setting up a “Mom Cave” or trying to help get through the days of Passover, we’ve got your back.

The same goes for filing your taxes.

Here are a few articles that we’ve previously posted to help you out with everything tax related.

  • If you are a new retiree, Ellen Davidson, a guest writer who writes for an Elder Care Information site, ran off 11 great tax tips for you. As Ellen points out, be careful, because your tax bracket may have changed, and you want to take notice of that. Also, you may owe taxes on up to 85 percent of your Social Security benefits, but the percentage is dependent on your income.
  • Stephanie wrote about 5 easy tax tips if you’re filing your own return in 2012. It is the ultimate one-stop shop if you are trying to file your own taxes for the first time. From how to properly utilize your deductions to determining whether or not you’ll itemize or take the standard deduction, Stephanie has got you covered.
  • My main man Slappey touched up on the top 5 tips for income tax deductions a couple months back. For instance, did you know that you can claim your job search expenses as a tax deduction? That’s an easy way for those seeking employment to save some money and possibly get reimbursed. At any rate, head over to Slappey’s article to see how you can save more money on taxes via deductions.
  • You also have to beware of tax scams, and Clay pointed out the top 12 tax scams that you should shy away from. We would hope that our readership out there would be wise enough to avoid these as is, but let’s just say that the IRS frowns upon identity theft, hiding income offshore, falsely claiming zero wages, and misuse of trusts. Go figure. Avoid all of that.

Feel free to share any great tax tips that you have in the comment section and help your fellow readers out!

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