Opportunity is Made in Detroit - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWe know you’re passionate about baseball. Quicken Loans is too — we’re also passionate about home loans, but one thing that sets our heart all a flutter is…Detroit.

There is so much energy surging through the city that we had to share our excitement with the world. At the World Series. Where our very own Detroit Tigers are making us proud.

Playing in the World Series is a great thing. But we wanted to show America that there are great things happening every single day in the city of Detroit. We got together with Kid Rock to let you know that opportunity is made in Detroit through the people and businesses that call the Motor City home.

Each night from April through October, we look out the window of our offices here in Downtown Detroit and see the lights of Comerica Park shining back at us. We hear the roar of the crowd and can’t help but realize that all of those voices aren’t just cheering for a team, they’re cheering for Detroit – its past and its future.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive, business is booming, communities are thriving and Downtown Detroit is quickly becoming a destination of choice to live, work and play.

When you think of opportunity, what pops into your head? Detroit? Believe it. We have. We do. And so will you.

To learn more, visit www.opportunitydetroit.com. If you missed the commercial, you can enjoy watching it below. If you can’t view it, click here.


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