Intern Alley: My Summer With Quicken LoansThis summer internship has been a great experience so far. I would have never thought that going to work for 40 hours a week could ever be so rewarding and fun. There has not been one day that I have come to work and felt like I wasn’t enjoying it (cliché, I know). I have really enjoyed getting to experience the culture that Quicken Loans has developed across all teams within the company.  It is truly one of a kind. We have planned tons of events for the bankers and team members here so that we can make this summer one to remember.

The most recent event that the Arizona interns planned was the QL Olympics. This was a weeklong competition that involved different events each day of the week. We opened it up with a site-wide meeting that was themed like the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games (Olympic song and all!). We had two events each day in the morning so it wouldn’t interfere with work schedules. Some events included slushy flip cup, relay races, office chair-crew race, and even a dodge ball tournament with stress balls. It was a blast planning these events and having the bankers compete against each other.. Some teams were reluctant to participate, but we ended up having one of the most productive weeks our company has ever had.

Last week was equally rewarding, but in a different way. All of the mortgage banking interns participated in the actual banker greatness training that new bankers go through when they are hired. We learned mortgage basics, how to assess income/assets, and even ways to improve credit and credit scores. The first two days were spent learning and practicing through workbooks, followed by a final exam on Wednesday. All of this sounds intimidating but it actually went really well. All of the things I learned about credit and mortgages will help me throughout the rest of my life. I can’t believe how great and well balanced of a program this internship has turned out to be.

Another great part about my internship experience has been bonding with the other interns here in AZ. We have a great group of people here and it has made this internship that much better and more rewarding. It is truly a blessing to work for one the best companies in the country. I can’t wait for what lies ahead! I LOVE this internship!

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