Intern Alley: QL Internships Offer More than Typical Internships - Zing BlogIn all my previous internships the work was interesting and okay, but nothing truly exciting or different.  Most of them just seemed like I was being shuffled through so they could get some of their simple, meaningless work done by an intern rather than having a real employee spend their time on it.  Just like the clichés in movies and TV shows about interns, I was being sent through the system as a little coffee runner and person to fill out forms. I definitely felt like they only hired us on so that they could get some free (or very cheap in some cases) labor out of desperate students.  When I first decided to take this internship, I was a little afraid that was how it would be again, but I was completely wrong.

In only my second week here at Quicken Loans, I have learned more than at any other job I’ve had in college or law school. I’ve been working with the Risk Intelligence team on managing the company’s risks through research of the different laws concerning security breaches and document retention. We are working to build a program that will keep the company safe and in compliance with the law as well as protect our clients. Not only have I already learned a ton about what kinds of risks are out there, but I’ve branched into an entirely new area of the law for me; an area that is constantly changing. There is a lot of work to be done still, but it is so interesting and is already showing me so much about how businesses work and how all those crazy laws I had to read about in school actually apply in the real world. Beyond what I’m learning, I feel like the work I’m doing here actually matters and that I’m working for something. The rapid changes in technology, especially concerning the internet, have created a risk-filled environment never seen before. Getting ahead of the issues can help Quicken Loans be the best company possible for its clients. I’m excited to be embraced as a member of this team and be on the front lines of very pressing issues. This is definitely the best internship I’ve ever had.

I can’t help myself but to say what a great bonus it is to be down in Detroit for work. I love being in the city and seeing firsthand the growth and improvement going on. I’ve always loved Detroit and, as a sports fan, it’s the best place in the world to be!  I can’t wait until baseball season starts back up and I can head over to a game. And now that the hockey season is underway I can head over to the Joe to catch some games in Hockeytown!

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