Intern Alley: I'm Obsessed With the ISMsObsessed with finding a better way.

This simple phrase seems so obvious on the surface, but the powerful effect these six words have on the culture at Quicken Loans is unbelievable. This ISM is being used every minute of every day in our offices here in Michigan, Ohio, and all the way in Arizona! My favorite ISM, and a company passion, “Obsessed with finding a better way,” is the heart of Quicken Loans.

This ISM has seemingly taken over my life! As an intern in Licensing Training, my job is to create the most up-to-date, creative, effective and fun activities for incoming bankers. These activities help bankers learn the endless amounts of state and federal laws in order to pass their exams. Each day, I look forward to coming into work to take an old fill-in-the-blank worksheet full of laws and numbers and make it into a colorful, crazy board game or interactive ring of cards. Take tomorrow for example, I have the opportunity to visit our Southfield office and receive feedback on the workbooks my fellow intern, Josh Jamerson and I created. This hands-on feedback allows for more growth, innovation and creativity to enhance our team and improve bankers’ exam scores.

Obsessed with finding a better way.

Outside of the office, I find myself just as focused on this ISM. Whether I am at a store, restaurant, or event, I am lost in thought, coming up with a better, more efficient and effective way for the establishment to organize their products. Since beginning my internship at Quicken Loans, my friends and family have become sick of listening to my constant chatter and incessant brainstorming everywhere we go! On a recent trip to the driving range with my brother, I remarked on the inconvenience of having to lean down and replace the ball after every swing; why isn’t there a machine that replaces the balls for you? This insignificant example is just a small sample of the countless ways I find myself literally obsessed with finding a better way.

For me, this internship is more than just a great experience of working, playing, and enjoying the city of Detroit; it’s about developing skills, morals and principles that I am going to have and use for the rest of my life. I am not trying to make it seem as though I am the best team member ever; I am just obsessed with finding a better way!


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