Intern Alley: Life Experience I've Gained at Quicken LoansMy internship at Quicken Loans has been absolutely amazing. As someone who, going in to this internship, had no plans of a career in mortgage banking, I really didn’t expect that what I’d learn here would really be relevant to me. While I’ve learned a great deal about mortgage banking here, I was very surprised by how much I learned about being a successful and productive member of a community.

The ISMs have honestly had an enormous impact on how I live my life. The biggest thing I’ve noticed relates to a psychological theory called the diffusion of responsibility. It explains why when no specific person is asked to do a task, no one completes the task because they assume someone else will. I used to be one of the worst offenders of this, but not after working at Quicken Loans. I’m a much more proactive person since I’ve started here; I do things that I see need to be done, regardless of whose responsibility I feel like it is. That’s just the way the culture is at QL; it’s an excellent counter-example to diffusion of responsibility.

Here, when an email is sent out site-wide asking for help with something, there’s always a timely response. We don’t have the attitude that “someone else will handle it,” or “it’s not my job to do that.”  We ensure that there’s a quick and thorough action taken when it is warranted, even if it isn’t required of us. I think that if the entire world worked this way, it would be a much better place.

Working at QL has also forced me to think deeply about not only what I want to do with my life, but how my choices now affect that. If I really want to succeed at something in the future, then everything I do now should be working toward achieving that. Being a college student, I generally just tried to do as little work as necessary to get good grades and graduate on time. However, now I can’t figure out why I haven’t been taking advantage of my opportunity more!

Why aren’t I earning a double major or at the very least a minor or certificate?  I can now see the value in challenging myself to do more to earn my success, rather than just waiting around for my future to unfold before me. My experience here has truly taught me how to be a high-level individual, and that is applicable to every single aspect of my life. From now on, regardless of where I’m heading, I intend on living the ISMs to the best of my ability.


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