Intern Alley: ISMs Are Alive and In ActionSince we all know that “simplicity is genius,” let me tell you something simple: the QL ISMs are awesome! Before I’m judged as a cheese ball, let me “ignore the noise” and share that even before I started my internship, one of the main things that got me excited to apply to Quicken Loans was the ISMs page on the website. Here I’ve categorized my favorite ISMs with four C’s:


“Always raising our level of awareness.

“Obsessed with finding a better way.”

I think it’s so important to not only be socially and physically aware of our surroundings and situations, but also of global issues in the world. These two ISMs remind me that I need to engage in the world I’m living in by always having my eyes open and my ears perked up. Here at Quicken Loans, it’s great that everyone is encouraged to have high awareness, and everyone has the opportunity to make things better.


“You have to take the roast out of the oven.

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”

“We’ll figure it out.”

I know that often times the biggest hindrance to my success is my fear of failure. This causes me to make cautious (and safe) decisions and take forever attempting to plan out every detail before I start something. However, more and more I’m seeing that with everything in life, sometimes you just gotta have faith, do it, fail, figure it out, do it again, and keep on getting better. I saw this at Quicken Loans when I was given the opportunity to work on a project that I had no prior background in – now I’m learning more than I ever have!


“Responding with a sense of urgency is the ante to play.”

“Simplicity is genius.”

As Bill Emerson said at ISMs day, “You’re responsible for your own communication.” I realized that it’s my responsibility to make sure others understand what I’m saying and where I’m coming from. A prompt response shows awareness and care, while simple communication focuses on the recipient, to whom the message is for. I know that how I say something is just as important as what I say.


“Every second counts.”

This summer internship with Quicken Loans (Rockbridge) has been one of the best experiences I’ve had to learn as much as I can. No matter what I’m doing, I know that it’s up to me to make every second count and every moment purposeful. Even after my internship, I know that I’m called to live every second of my life purposefully.

I’ve been personally inspired by the ISMs, and I genuinely think they’re the game changers that set the Quicken Loans Family of Companies apart from others.


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