Intern Alley: How ISMs in Action Day Changed My Outlook on LifeAfter experiencing the infamous “ISMs in Action” day, I must admit… it was a life changer. Not only did I get a better understanding of what we do as a company, but who we are and what we stand for. Now, many establishments have various guidelines and rules they abide by, but how many of those principles can be carried out of the workplace and become a way of life? Coincidently, an “ISM” provides the tools that one would need to sustain a positive and uplifting outlook outside of the workplace.  It’s about being conscious of your surroundings, making an impact wherever you can, letting your voice be heard, and most importantly…doing the right thing!  ISMs day left me feeling inspired and ready to make a change.

Among all of the ISMs, one stood out to me in particular. “Responding with a sense of urgency,” which in my opinion is what drives our company. Here, our organization is motivated by perseverance and determination. We WILL reach out to anyone and everyone and make sure our communication levels are permanently at a high. This leaves our clients, partners and teammates feeling confident and assured that they are being taken care of and their needs are continuously met.

Here at this company, we have built a reputation behind our sense of urgency. We are constantly proving to our clients that their voice is heard and their concerns are addressed in a timely manner

“Responding with a sense of urgency” is vital to maintaining a positive client/team relationship, but not only can this theory be used within the workplace.  Among all the other ISMs learned at ISMs in Action Day, “responding with a sense of urgency” instills the confidence that you need to succeed, not just in the office but in all aspects of life.  Imagine how much time you could have on your hands if you are constantly reacting to things with a sense of earnestness.  If you are a passionate and sincere individual, you will be more eager to accomplish goals you never thought you could. “Responding with a sense of urgency” is giving all things equal priorities. If this theory is implemented, it is evident that one could lead a more effective and efficient way of life, which inevitably leads to success both in and out of the workplace!


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  1. Life is short. The path you walk on is not straight, there are curevs, loops, dead ends, and obstacles; And sometimes, it branches off into different directions. It’s up to you to decide where you should go, how you will get there, what you will do Then do it. Every good thing comes with a price. Life is like a coin, you can only spend it once, and then it’s gone forever.

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