Intern Alley: Daily Challenges Part of the Internship ExperienceMy internship at Quicken Loans has been one of the highlights of my summer thus far.  I’ve learned a great deal from my fellow interns as well as other team leaders and team members. At the start of my internship, I knew little about the loan process and all the work that Quicken Loans is doing for the city of Detroit. I’ve learned so much about this city and all the work that Quicken Loans is dedicating to this great metropolis.

I think that I’ve grown in my perception of the city. Before I had this opportunity, I was biased about the city because I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t understand it or see the good that’s happening here right now. I can now truthfully say that I appreciate the city of Detroit and all that it has to offer.

I’ve gotten to eat at some of the best restaurants and been shopping at some of the cutest shops. For example, I’d never even heard of The Peacock Room, but as I explored Detroit on the D-Hive tour, I got to glimpse into the windows and saw all the endearing clothes they had. My department, Mortgage Operations, has taught me so much. I’ve learned the closing loan process and even got to shadow team members and see how every team interacts with each other.

My team leader, Mylea DeGoa, is one of the most determined and driven people that I’ve been fortunate enough to know. I would recommend getting to know your team leader because you can learn so much from them and the experiences they’ve had.

For incoming interns, I’d definitely recommend attending all the intern events that they plan for you. I thought that all the events were entertaining and they’re ideal for meeting new friends. You even receive the opportunity to meet Bill Emerson and Dan Gilbert. In addition, they always have free stuff to give away along with prizes.

I’ve grown because I’ve learned so many new things and new ways of doing things. I’ve gained more knowledge and experience in the corporate world that I’ll benefit from for the rest of my life. If I have any lessons to bestow upon the interns for next year, it would be to work hard and you’ll be rewarded. This internship will challenge you daily to learn and experience new things. I personally believe that this internship is a great learning experience and a great opportunity to meet new people.

This summer alone I’ve made so many new friends and met so many new people. I’d definitely recommend this internship to any college or high school students looking for experience in the corporate world that’s exciting and enlightening.


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