Intern Alley: My Intern JourneyI started with the QL Deep Thought team in May. My team leader, Stuart Davis, gave me a warm welcome on the second day and bought me lunch at the cafeteria. On the same day, I met the team members and introduced myself to them. I received my first project and within 10 minutes, we were talking about the business itself. During the first two weeks, I paired up with one statistician for a project. We had regular meetings twice a week.

My advisor, Richard Beal, delivered the business flow concisely. It was all I needed to start the statistical data analysis. I gave my ideas on how to analyze business data, using tools such as LAD deviation measurement and Bayesian process. That was a great conversation for two statistics individuals (at least that was my feeling). I felt like, “Oh dear, finally I can talk in my language!”

Usually geeks like me don’t bother too much with company culture. On the contrary, that’s one of the best parts of QL! Whenever I meet something unexpected, I call The Guy. If I’m stuck with something and can’t figure it out in 10 minutes, I ask people around me, such as my fellow team members (thanks to Jeff Hu who told me this).

I’ve enjoyed the unforgettable job done by the Pulse team: D-tour, dining with the executives, seeing the riverfront, Tiger’s game, eating at HockeyTown, QL family night and many other events. You guys showed us a beautiful and promising Detroit, one that I had not known very well before this internship. I enjoyed hanging out with my amazing fellow interns! Zhao Wang, my long-lost twin who found from my intern team, is a cool dude!

Last but not the least, I love Bullet Time! With a statistics/IT background, I enjoy trouble shooting and building things up. Whenever I get an interesting idea, I gather a group of individuals with different backgrounds and brain storm, then figure out a more efficient way to realize the idea to help our business. The best part of working for QL is you never get bored because of  all the data to play with (if you are a data maniac like me).

PS: Now I am holding two Bullet Time projects and two forecasting projects. That keeps my life beautiful!

All in all, QL is extraordinarily amazing!


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