There’s nothing wrong with dipping into the vault and pulling out a Watch-It Wednesday classic, is there?

Didn’t think so.

Especially when we’re talking about timeless topics such as interest rates, APR, and good faith estimates.

You see – interest rates, APR, and good faith estimates are like Converse All-Stars: they are undoubtedly important and people will never stop talking about them or asking questions.

If you remember from last time, Home Loan Expert Ryan South sat down with us to talk about the aforementioned topics, but he also threw in a dandy about whether or not there are any hidden costs when going through the mortgage process.

Speaking of mortgage process – are you familiar with the Amazing Mortgage Process from Quicken Loans? Check out our amazing video about our amazing mortgage process. It will amaze you.

How about that? You’re about to get two videos for the price of one today! Can your day get any better?

Check out the video below, and if you can’t view it, click here.

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