Incorporating Fountains in Your Home - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThe soothing sound of moving water can add an element of tranquility to almost any location.

For this reason, fountains have been popular since the Middle Ages when Moorish designers used them to create miniature versions of paradise gardens.

With today’s fountains featuring ornate water basins and the ability to jet water into a dancing frenzy, it’s easy to see the various ways to incorporate fountains into your home’s interior or exterior décor.

Here are four fountains that are popular amongst homeowners to help you narrow down your choices.

Bird Fountain

Believe it or not, bird fountains are actually functional pieces of architecture that help animal lovers attract birds for their viewing pleasure.

Bird fountains, not only give birds a place to drink and bathe, they can also be equipped with several features to attract more birds including:

Bird fountains provide a yard with a functional piece of architecture that will surely add a personal touch to your landscape. If you’re interested in a bird fountain you won’t have to deplete your funds to purchase one as the base units sell for as little as $46.

Outdoor Tranquil Fountains

If you’re more interested in a fountain for it’s architecture, an outdoor tranquil fountain may be the perfect piece of outdoor décor for your home.

While most outdoor tranquil fountains are large in stature, you can find smaller units for your back or front yard at Home Depot.

Outdoor tranquil fountains are the perfect complement for a night of stargazing, a gathering around a bonfire or a night alone with your favorite book.

Indoor Vertical Glass Fountain

An indoor vertical fountain will surely add a touch of elegance and tranquility to your home interior. Not only are these stress-relieving structures aesthetically pleasing, they can also serve as a divider in large rooms and lofts.

If an indoor vertical glass fountain is too large for your home, the indoor wall fountain is a great alternative with the same effect, for a fraction of the cost.

Incorporating a fountain in your home can add a tranquil touch whether your décor theme is contemporary, traditional or anything in between.

Add a fountain to your home today, and you can make as many wishes as your spare change collection permits.

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