Selling your home these days may require lots of outside-the-box thinking. With so many homes on the market, home buyers are looking at a veritable smorgasbord when they come to the table. Many options mean you have to go that extra mile to make your home stand out above the rest. Staging your home before selling could mean the difference between a quick, profitable and painless sale, and sitting on the sidelines, head in hand, wondering why your home just won’t budge.

You may be thinking, “Yes, of course I want to make my house look awesome for prospective buyers. But, isn’t staging an expensive endeavor?” Let me assure you, there are plenty of inexpensive, easy DIY options for you to make your house look like it’s straight out of a magazine.  The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch recently put together a list of tips to help you get your home in tip-top shape for sale.

Fresh Paint
Adding a new coat of paint to the walls of your home can go a long way to freshen it up. Try to choose neutral tones as broad colors can scare some prospective buyers away, or bring down their offer.

Furnish Rooms
Strategically placed furniture in each room can do wonders to help the buyer imagine what it would be like to live in your home. Avoid patterns, but do add bursts of color. Also, dress up your windows with solid curtains to add warmth to your rooms and frame the view outside.

Beautify Your Yard
Simple steps such as mowing and edging your lawn can make a dramatic difference to your home’s curb appeal. If your home has a tropical rain forest of weeds growing in the backyard, you’re going to want to spend a weekend pulling those bad boys out before your house goes on the market.  While you’re outside, check around your yard for any blooming flowers you can cut and put in a vase for inside your home. 

Organize Your Bookshelves
Bookcases and shelves can often become quick, convenient places to empty the contents of your pocket. It’s time to make a clean sweep and tidy up! Remove the excess, non-book materials, then go through and dust thoroughly. Consider removing book covers. A colorful display of bound books may be more appealing to the eye.

Kick the Clutter to the Curb
Go through your home and remove personal items, such as photos and knick-knacks. Remove excess items everywhere you can. Simplifying each room as much as possible will not only be more visually appealing to prospective buyers, but it will also make your rooms seem larger.

These simple, inexpensive tips to spiffing up your home can go a long way to enticing potential home buyers to sign on the dotted line. Good luck and happy selling!

Click here to check out the full article and get more tips on staging your home for sale.

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