Have you read Decorating Your Rental Home yet? Stephanie delivered tons of great ideas for decorating temporary spaces. I’m definitely using some of those ideas in my own home. It also got me thinking about decorating another “temporary” space – my son’s room. His interests change so fast, it seems like we’re updating his room constantly, trying to keep it a place where he wants to be.  Here are a few ideas for decorating your child’s room.

Kids grow and change so fast, it seems like yesterday we were painting our son’s nursery walls baby blue. Well, he just turned two and will be moving into a “big boy” bed soon. So, the room that used to be for a baby is now for a little boy. I think this momentous occasion should be marked with some updated décor for a growing kid.

Remember, dear readers, you can find almost anything second hand. I can’t wait for springtime, when our town goes bonkers with garage sales. In the meantime, check out your local charity shops, consignment stores, classifieds (online and the old-fashioned ones), and even your neighbor’s curb. I’m not too proud to say that we snagged a couple kid-size chairs when our neighbors moved away.

Kids’ rooms should be cheerful and inspiring. You can make a huge and relatively inexpensive impact with paint. You can paint the whole room your child’s favorite color, pick a handful of shades of that color, use the favorite and a contrasting color, or even use whatever number of colors your budget allows. The only thing that limits your creativity here is your patience. Go for stripes, polk-a-dots, a mod pattern, a mural – it’s really up to you.

Do you want a really creative wall, but not have the natural talent? Try a fathead! You can get all kinds of ready-made children’s wall decals that you just peel and stick. They’re also moveable, so you can change the paint color underneath or even take them with you if you move. Do you have a favorite photo of your child? Get it made into a fathead! There’s no reason for that picture to stay hidden in your hard drive. Display it!

Bedding is another easy way to make a change. Change up the colors and patterns to match changing interests. It’s really easy to sew a quick pillowcase – make a few in different colors and toss them on top of a reversible comforter.

My husband has decided he wants to get our son the Kura bed from Ikea. It’s a pretty cool bed – it can be set up with the mattress low to the ground, or up high with a tent overhead. But, it can be even better! A creative dad turned one end of his daughter’s bed into a chalkboard! You can even customize your own chalkboard paint color!

Why not paint other furniture, too? There’s nothing that says your furniture needs to be all matchy-matchy. Our son’s dresser was a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law. It’s super functional, but would look better with a coat of fun paint. How about a nice, magnetic paint to hang his artwork? Just use a magnetic primer, then top off with whatever color you want!

Also from alphamom.com, a hopscotch rug made from Flor tiles! I love these changeable, mix & match carpet tiles anyway, but to make them into a game? Genius! Just make a stencil and apply some paint. Easy! How about a life-size checkerboard with plastic plates for checkers? Just slide them under the bed when not in use.

Even if you don’t have an ounce of sewing ability, you can make a fun puppet theater for your kids. Just use a small tension curtain rod and some fabric. Sew (or hot glue!) some curtains together and hang in the doorway to your child’s room 3–4 feet off the floor, depending on their height. Make some snacks and settle in for the show!

What little boy doesn’t love airplanes? When we moved into our house, I found some little hooks screwed into the ceiling or our son’s room. What better to hang from them than little airplanes? I had a hard time finding inexpensive model airplanes, so I found gliders – super cheap and fun to play with, too! Hang them one by one or make a mobile.

One thing every kid’s room needs is more storage. Check out this sweet chair! It’s a chair and a storage bin! And it’s really cool and modern and won’t look out of place when your child is a bit older.

And, just for fun, check out some awesome furniture for the kids with money to spare. This stuff makes me wish I had taken a shop class in high school.

What ideas do you have for your kids’ rooms? We’d love to hear them and incorporate them into our own homes!

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  1. Great post, you have so much idea with decorating a child’s room,simple and so informative. haven’t see someting like this on actual before, most parents nowadays don’t bother with this kind of stuff… maybe? . 🙂 Keep it coming, Thank You.

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