Houselogic: Home Improvement with Heart -- Just in Time for Valentine's Day - Quicken Loans Zing BlogEver since Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages, Februrary 14 has been reserved as a day where men and women show appreciation to their loved ones through greeting cards, gifts and actions.

While these temporary offerings may provide a brief spark in your relationship, Houselogic recently suggested a more permanent Valentine’s Day gift that may become the newest trend on Saint Valentine’s Day since greeting cards arrived on the scene in the 19th century.

The “Home Improvement with Heart” series by Houselogic proposes five awesome home enhancements that are sure to bring you and your loved one closer for much longer than a holiday.

Here are the home enhancements that made the Houselogic list.

The Sensual Shower

The right shower upgrades can be beneficial to your health and beneficial to your relationship.  Houselogic recommends a programmable shower to digitally remember the user’s preference in water temperature, spray and pressure.

For homeowners willing to spend a little extra cash, Houselogic suggests adding a steam shower to encourage steamy situations.

Electronic Toilet Seat

Men who purchase this seat may never hear the question “why did you leave the toilet seat up?” again as these high-tech toilets come with a bevy of features including:

  • LED lights
  • Germ-resistant seats
  • Slow-closing lids
  • No touch flush

If you can afford the upgrade, this idea is sure to be a royal flush in your household.

Light Dimmers

Light dimmers are not only energy efficient, they will help you set the mood at home for years to come!

Whole-House Sound

Houselogic attempts to assist you in setting the mood in any room in your home, with a whole-house sound system.

This upgrade can get costly, but you’re sure to appreciate your home sounding like a million bucks for years to come!


While the architectural structure of a fireplace is designed to contain fire for heating purposes, today, fireplaces contain a romantic connotation largely due to the warm and charming backdrop they provide.

Whereas automatic gas fireplaces can cost as much as $4,000, lower end fireplaces and mantle packages can be obtained for as low as $800.

Home improvements typically add value to your home while making your everyday life easier.

If you decide to utilize one of the home improvement suggestions from Houselogic, you may improve both your relationship and your home, all with one upgrade!

To view the entire “Home Improvement with Heart” slideshow, head over to Houselogic.

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  1. very nice Tips for make romantic home. I like this Idea very Much. It is better to be celebrate
    valentine in your own Home rather then other place . I will prefer to make some changing in your Kitchens also. convert your old kitchen into modular beautiful kitchens. because kitchens are most romantic place in home where you both can make some food together.

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