Hosting Holiday Parties on a Budget - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWith the holiday season approaching fast, many families in America are preparing to host relatives, friends and visitors for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

Yet, in our current economic climate, strict budgets have seemingly penetrated every facet of life, threatening to sour the sweet times holiday parties offer.

While being frugal and cost efficient are important attributes to survive hard times, it’s also important to enjoy hosting family and friends we rarely have to chance to visit.

Thus, here are some budget-friendly tips that will surely make your holiday party an event to remember!

Plan ahead of time.

When planning a party, no matter what the occasion, four key elements must be satisfied.  These elements include:

  • Good entertainment
  • Good beverage selection
  • Good food
  • Good hospitality

Couponing is a great way to trim down the food and beverage expenses.  Once you figure out the preferences of your guests, you can easily search newspapers and online forums such as slick deals, to find what stores have the products you need for the most affordable price.  Slick deals even has a twitter feed where followers can view the best up-to-date deals on products at their local stores, or available online.

Use interactive electronic invitations.

Technology advances offer a huge assist in creating a food and beverage list, as interactive invites such as Evite allow users to create, plan and manage online invitations.

Through this social-planning website, Evite not only sends you updates when guests RSVP, you can also keep a digital record of what items your guests plan to bring while informing others what items are still needed.  Evite also allows invitees to view the list of people who RSVP to attend a party – which may not seem important, until you realize your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend has sent out an RSVP plus-one for the event you plan to attend.

Make sure your drink selection includes variety.

I doubt the fact that I’m the only person over the age of 21 that does not indulge in alcoholic beverages.  For this reason it’s important that you include a good mix of nonalcoholic drinks in your list of things to purchase.  Take it from me, there is no annoyance more dreadful than searching through various fifths of liquor, trying to find a juice that won’t ignite if poured over gun powder and lit.

Frugal shoppers can stretch their money even longer with the five liter Heineken DraughtKeg (without resembling an undergraduate fraternity house party), due to the sleek and sophisticated design of the 12-pound keg with a built-in CO2 pressure system.

The 1.3-gallon keg may not seem like much, but imagine how much your bar tab would be for the 166 ounces of beer that you’re paying $20 to consume.

Remember the golden rule when treating your guests.

There is no amount of money you can spend on a party that will replace the feeling your guests get when they realize you thought about their wants (drink or food preferences listed on Evite) when they attend your party.  It’s really the thought that counts when attempting to impress your friends at a party and not the amount of money spent on the event.  Remembering your guest likes and dislikes will surely make for a memorable experience.

I hope these party tips were helpful and on behalf of Quicken Loans, have a safe and happy holiday season!



Jonathan Slappey is a writer for Quicken Loans, a company whose clients believe it’s Engineered to Amaze.  Interested in being Amazed by us? Read trusted reviews at our review site.

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