Host a Super Bowl Party: Snacks, Decorations & Games - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThe Super Bowl…fans know it’s not just something you watch, it’s something you experience.  Are friends and family coming to your house to watch the Big Game on the theater-size TV you got for Christmas?  Whether you’ve done this for years or it’s your first time planning, here are some tips to host a winning Super Bowl party complete with snacks, decorations and games.

Super Bowl Party Tips

  • If you don’t have a majestic flat screen at home, do make sure that you have a TV that your guests don’t have to squint at.  If buying a new TV is out of the budget this year, there’s always the rent-a-big-screen alternative for a much smaller price tag.
  • Not only is it important to see the game in all its high-def glory, but it should be done in comfort too.  In addition to sofas and cushy lounge chairs, have some beanbag chairs or extra pillows and blankets so guests aren’t sitting on an uncomfortable floor.
  • As a result of all of this comfortable game watching, a beverage spill or a crushed cheese puff on your carpet is likely to happen.  Keep paper towels, cleaning products and a hand-vacuum handy for quick, don’t-interrupt-the game cleanup.
  • This tip is especially for the ladies:  if you aren’t as familiar with the rules of football as you might like to be, check out which explains the basics of the sport so you can carry on “important conversations” about plays.

Super Bowl Party Snacks

  • Keep it simple and easy to eat.  This isn’t the time to show off your new soufflé recipe.  This is a finger food fest!  Easy items like pizza, subs, wings, chips, salsa, dip, vegetable trays and cold cut platters are sure to please your guests.
  • If you want to be creative, why not make a “bar” out of a popular food item.  For example, a sandwich bar with different breads and ingredients or a tater-tot bar with shredded cheese, peppers, sour cream and salsa may actually make your guests walk away from a commercial to get more.
  • If you’re going to have queso or chili, plug in a crock-pot to keep them soft and heated.
  • Make sure you have plenty of large plastic bowls (I see a quick trip to the dollar store in your future) for chips, popcorn and other munchies your group will be sharing while gathered around the TV.

Super Bowl Party Drinks

  • Beer and wine are Super Bowl staples, but be sure to also offer soda, water, juice and other non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers and kids.
  • As host, you can buy the basics, but you can also ask your guests to bring their favorite alcohol, mixers or soft drinks for a wider variety.
  • Super Bowl watchers may be super glued to the game and committed to watching every single commercial.  So, why not have an inflatable cooler near the TV so guests don’t have to leave the couch, and you can refill the cooler at halftime.
  • Whether you decide to have a big cooler or not, purchase a few bags of ice from your local grocery store or gas station to keep drinks cold.

Super Bowl Party Decorations

  • Decorate your place with team colors, balloons, pennants and football paraphernalia.
  • Create a focal point, whether it’s where the food is set up or if you have your favorite player’s Fathead on your wall, create a space that lets your guests know they picked the best place in town to watch the game.
  • Cookies can serve as décor if in the shape of footballs or helmets and served on a football-shaped platter on top of a green tablecloth. Bam!
  • Buy disposable plates, utensils and napkins in team colors or ones made especially for football season at your nearest party supply store. 

Super Bowl Party Games

  • Before the party, let your guests know there’s going to be a spirit competition, so they can be ready with their team’s t-shirt, face paint and foam finger at your door.
  • Have your guests predict the results of the game by filling out a short questionnaire before kickoff.  Questions about what the final score will be, whom the MVP will be and which team will have the most interceptions can all be rewarded after the game.
  • Divide your guests into two teams.  Every time points are scored in the actual game, ask a Super Bowl trivia question and keep score of the points.  The team with the most correct answers wins.
  • While there are many game variations out there to play with your guests, the key is to have fun and give away a few inexpensive football-themed prizes to make the Super Bowl not just something to watch but something to experience.

Remember what Joe Namath said, “Football is an honest game.  It’s true to life.  It’s a game about sharing.  Football is a team game.  So is life.”

Raise your glass!

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  1. Super Bowl Squares is a classic – whoever has the correct score at the end of each quarter wins a prize.

    Last year we played a Football prop game at and it was definitely a great addition to the party. It was different than any Super Bowl Party game I’d seen before.

    Throwing the football around at halftime is good to work off some of the extra appys and drinks…haha!

  2. We have a new and exciting football party game that you play while watching a LIVE football telecast. Players make predictions against each other on what they think will happen NEXT during the game. This would really ramp up any superbowl party!!


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