Holiday Travel Survival Tips - Quicken Loans Zing BlogLast year, we brought you 25 holiday travel tips to help you make it to your destination in time for Santa to bring your presents to the right place. This year, we knew you’d be traveling again, so the following holiday travel essentials were compiled by Warren Chang, vice president and general manager of

Holiday Travel Survival Tips

Plan to travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays as these are typically the least expensive days to fly. For holiday travel, cheaper fares can be found on actual holidays – instead of the day before or day after. Since airfare sales normally run Tuesday – Thursday, those are often the best days to book.

Pack less and do laundry at the hotel or nearby cleaners rather than paying additional checked baggage fees. Or, you can ship luggage ahead of time using door to door service sites like Luggage Concierge or Lugless. Travel freely and hassle free with little to no luggage to worry about.

Get connected to travel search engines and social media to save. Meta-search engines such as allows users to compare prices from multiple travel sellers to get the best price. Also, sites such as often offer real-time Twitter fare (@Fly_com) and Facebook alerts ( for flights around the world.

Limit travel stress with instant updates. Many airlines have a mobile app or email alerts to update you on the status of flight delays and cancellations.  But if you find yourself stranded during a delay, distract yourself using GateGuru airport maps to find the best food and shopping options.

If – the horror – your flight gets cancelled, visit the customer service desk to re-book, but on your way, call your airline’s customer service number to re-book with an agent over the phone to ensure better flight options. You can also use Next Flight, an app that searches all available flights from 1,200 airline carriers and 4,200 airports worldwide.

Try an In-flight Nanny. Nanny in the Clouds is a website that matches parents with nannies that are booked on the same flight. The benefits are two-fold, Nannies register their itineraries on the site and make some extra cash by entertaining your children, and the extra set of hands can make the family travel less of a hassle.

What holiday travel tips do you have for fellow Zing readers?


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