HGTV's Extreme Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWouldn’t $50,000 start a new week off right?

Tune in to HGTV’s Extreme Homes on Sunday night at 8 p.m. to learn a special code word, and visit for a chance to win $50,000 in HGTV’s Extreme Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes presented by Quicken Loans.

Two chances have already passed, but two more remain on Sunday, September 22, and September 29.

First, enter the contest at (you only have 24 hours to play after the code word is revealed) and then come back to the Quicken Loans Zing Blog to tell us your thoughts on how you’d spend $50,000!

Be sure to visit the Quicken Loans Zing Blog for contest updates and winner announcements!

No purchase necessary. Ends 9/30/13. See official rules. To enter, and for Official Rules, including how to learn the Code Word and the Entry Period date(s)/time(s), visit

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  1. My husband lost his job a few months ago, mine will be ending after many years in a few months. Our furnace is having a MAJOR problem, our roof is leaking, the foundation wall is collapsing and both cars are on the last leg. I cannot even begin to tell you how this money could help our situation improve just a little bit!

  2. “WINNING”50,000 dollars would pay off all my bills. and I would have enough for a down payment on a house. something my family and I have wanted for year but something always happens and the money has to go some where else.

  3. 50,000 dollars would pay off all my bills. and I would have enough for a down payment on a house. something my family and I have wanted for year but something always happens and the money has to go some where else. I think It would change my life Hey maybe even go back to school.

  4. We are finally getting our first home in a couple of weeks, its a older home, I would take the 50k and remodel the kitchen add a second batheroom and get new furniture… Oh what a dream that would be.We have waited 10 long years to finally own a home. I can’t wait! Our daughter is so excited to have a back yard.

  5. If I would win the fifty I would update my home by making changes to the master bedroom suite and possibly do some extreme landscaping. Love HGTV and watch every chance I get.

  6. If I won the 50,000, it would enable me to move to northern Califiornia, and to put some of the money down on a home. In California, I will be working to rescue dogs and operate a doggy daycare. Currently I work with the developmentally disabled and will also find a way to have those folks work with me as we love animals. All of this depends on having the money to move,and to buy a place to live. Here’s hoping…

  7. I use a black magic marker to conceal scratches that come up on my marble like painted counter tops. It’s sad, but it works. I would really like new countertops!

  8. If I win I’ll dry and insulate our basement, update our 1979 harvest gold bathroom, add on a work space behind our garage, and new flooring for the whole house.

  9. We had our house built in 1985 since then we have aged and are disable if I WIN $50,000 the money would be used to make our house more age friendly..

  10. My family of four would LOVE to win $50,000.00 in order to renovate our twenty-four year old kitchen and master bathroom. Talk about timing, our family is presently in the market of refinancing our existing Home Equity Existing home loan and adding on a additional 30,000 to 50,000 added to the home refinance loan. Love HGTV!!! HGTV gives our whole family education into the state-of-the-art design and trends. Thank you for for this wonderful television programming that not only educates our family but brings our family unity together.
    Thank you from The Arriaga Family of four. Hope to hear from you soon. We always look forward to your next program.

  11. We are buying a manufactured home, but it is need of a lot of repairs. We would use the $50,000 to make the necessary repairs. The floors need to be replaced, the stairs going to the house is a run-down make shift ramp. The other stairs leading to the backyard is rotten. The kitchen and bathrooms need repairs. There is no landscaping and/or gates. The interior and exterior needs paint. We don’t have the money to make these repairs. The house is livable but unsafe. It is all that we can afford to buy. The prize money would be a great help to us to renovate the home. It is a dream for us to win something huge like this.

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