Fire Safety Friday: Flameless Alternatives - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThe U.S. Fire Administration notes that candles cause just over 40 home fires each day. That’s more than 14,600 candle-related fires per year! Furthermore, fireplaces cause over a third of residential fires in the U.S. annually. One of the easiest ways to eliminate fire hazards in your home is to switch to flameless devices.

Need some help thinking of flameless options for your home? No problem! We’ve got some suggestions for you.

Flameless candles
I love candles, and we have them all over the house. However, with a new kitten running around and jumping on everything, I haven’t used them much lately out of fear that she’ll knock them over. If you have children, you probably have the same worries. Last night, I realized that maybe switching to flameless candles might be a great alternative.

Flameless candles aren’t that expensive either. Ranging in price from $10–$50, you can find them easily at most department stores. Cheaper flameless candles are made out of plastic, but if you spend a little more cash you can get one made of scented wax.

If you think about it, a flameless candle will last longer than traditional wax candles anyways. I’d rather throw out $20 for a flameless candle that I’ll have for a long time than a candle that will burn out after a few uses.

Scented oils
Part of the reason I love candles is because they come in all sorts of wonderful scents – particularly the ones that smell like cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. Some flameless candles don’t come with those luscious scents. That’s okay though because right next to the candles in most department stores, you can find scented oils.

For a while I had one of those oil diffusers that used sticks and it worked really well. You could also just buy one of those plug-in air fresheners too. Whether you opt for a fancy oil diffuser or a cheap plug-in, it’s still safer than your average candle.

Candle warmer
Maybe you already have a ton of candles you don’t want to part with, and you want an option that utilizes what you already have. Give a candle or tart warmer a try. They come in two different varieties and are pretty inexpensive.

The first type of candle warmer I ran across kind of looks like a lamp. You can put regular wax candles under the light, and the light warms the wax. From the photos online, it looks like most accommodate a variety of candle sizes, and the average price runs about $35.

The other type of candle warmer uses tarts, which are simply wax discs. You put the tart in the melting pot, and the heating element melts the wax. Most of the warming trays come off for easy cleaning. This type of candle warmer is cheaper than the lamp-like counter part – costing you about $15.

Flameless fireplaces
Many people in the U.S. still use fireplaces to heat their home. While wood stoves are often cheaper to use than gas or electric furnaces, lack of proper maintenance leads to thousands of home fires each year. Ash and coals that pop or fall out of the fire could also cause a fire.

More efficient electric fireplaces offer many of the same benefits of traditional fireplaces and decrease the chances of a home fire drastically. Most have an electric heating unit inside with a fan to push out warm air. To mimic a warm glowing fire, most have fake wood logs and lighting.

Another awesome benefit of a flameless electric fireplace is that you can move it from room to room. If you wanted to move it from the living room to the dining room, you have that flexibility – unlike a built-in or gas fireplace.

Some roommates I lived with awhile ago bought one for about $200. It was nice and kept the house pretty warm in the winter without driving our bill through the roof.

Turn your TV into a fireplace
If you don’t feel like you need to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on an electric fireplace, you could always buy one of those DVDs that show a fireplace on a loop on your TV. Some of them even have music in the background. Okay, this is a bit of a cheesy option, but I figured I’d just throw it out there for you.

And, yes, I have one of these DVDs. Mine has 20 different fireplaces that loop different music tracks. I’ve only used it once though… honest.

Although fire safety month is coming to a close, take these tips and use them all year round to keep your family safe. Remember to practice fire drills ,and check your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers often.

Do you have any other fire safety tips for Zing readers? Share them below!


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