Are your fingers feeling a little fat these days?

Need some help getting your digits to function at top speed?

You’re in luck, my friends. We’ve got something for your troubles.

The Finger Treadmill app, featured in the recent Quicken Loans “Who Do You Think I Am?” commercial.

I’ll show you the ad in a sec, but first I want to give a little background on the Finger Treadmill app.

The Finger Treadmill was created by Detroit Labs and is available for iPad and iPhone (including support for the iPhone 5). It functions pretty much as it sounds. A little treadmill on your phone or tablet that allows you to exercise your little fingers to your heart’s content. This app comes in handy when you want to exercise and have the following reasons why you can’t:

  1. Too lazy
  2. Too busy
  3. Drank too much and your head hurts
  4. Ate too much and your head/stomach hurts
  5. The only part of your body that’s out of shape are your fingers

If any of these apply to you, the Finger Treadmill app will change your life. You can download it here or go to the App Store and search for “Finger Treadmill,” then choose the one from Detroit Labs. Bonus feature: You can link to our Skip-A-Year Mortage Sweepstakes right from the app (through Nov. 18, 2012).

Finally, before we get to the commercial, I wanted to point out that despite the Finger Treadmill app being so very awesome, Quicken Loans offers two even more awesome apps that you can download for both iPhone and Android.

  • MyQL Mobile app – Upload documents and follow the progress of your loan – right from your phone.
  • Mortgage Calculator app – Anything you want to know about refinancing or purchasing a home – get the numbers right from your phone and even save pictures of properties with mortage payment estimates. Great for anyone buying a home.

With that, I’ve nothing left to share other than our new commercial. Enjoy it and let us know what you think.

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