Financial Markets Remain Closed Due to Hurricane Sandy - Market UpdateDamage from Hurricane Sandy was extensive. Massive flooding and power outages plague the east coast as all financial markets remained closed for the day. New York’s subway system is completely shut down, with estimates as high as four days just to pump the water out. With no subway system, there are no clerical and support workers, meaning there is no Wall Street.

What’s Up on Wall Street?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 3.53 points (0.03%) while the Nasdaq went up 1.83 points (0.06%). Also, the S&P 500 decreased 1.03 points (-0.07%). Note: Due to Hurricane Sandy, these numbers have unchanged since yesterday.

Current Rates

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Financial Links

Here are a few links to some of today’s financial articles. Be sure to leave a comment below if you know of any additional financial articles that are trending today.

National Mortgage News

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The Washington Post

Limit on Mortgage Interest Deduction Would Penalize Only a Minority of Taxpayers


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