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Earthbag Home

According to Mother Earth News, the United Nations defines sustainability (in an environmental sense) as meeting “present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” What this means is that the actions you make and lifestyle you choose should have minimal impact on Earth now and in the future. Living sustainably challenges us to start thinking about our actions today and how they might impact our planet down the road.

From all-natural cleaning products, to making a home from rock and dirt, I’m fascinated with learning about new ways to live a greener lifestyle. I try out a lot of these techniques myself and then share them with you here on our blog. Today, I’d like to introduce to you the sites that inspire me to live greener.

The Daily Green
Good Housekeeping developed The Daily Green in 2007 to help people live a more Earth-friendly consumer lifestyle. Its short and digestible articles offer topical and accessible ways to live a greener life. If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable living, The Daily Green is a good place to start.

What I also like about The Daily Green is that it takes common things you do every day and suggests small tips to make them greener. For example, most of us let our cars run to warm them up in the winter. I’ve even done that the last few mornings to get the frost off my windshield. One of the features on the homepage today discusses why idling your car on cold mornings might not be the best thing to do.

Mother Earth News
Started in1970, Mother Earth News is one of the oldest and most comprehensive sources from which to learn about sustainable living. It’s packed full of great information for people interested in sustainable lifestyles of all levels. If you want to make little changes, Mother Earth can teach you how to make your own soap or how to start a small herb garden.

For those interested in transitioning to a fully stainable lifestyle, Mother Earth has tips and detailed information for sustainable farming and even how to live completely off the grid – more popularly known as modern homesteading.  In fact, friend of mine spent a year gathering materials and learning the skills he needed to rely less on modern amenities, like electricity and indoor plumbing. Today, he lives an almost fully self-sustaining lifestyle, complete with a year-round garden, just outside of Marquette, MI. It’s pretty amazing.

Recycling limits the amount of waste that accumulates on Earth, and Earth911 lets you know how to recycle pretty much anything. From pop cans to batteries, its national database and interactive map help you find recycling centers near you. It also has information about more unconventional recycling methods.

What about those odd items you can’t figure out how to recycle, like that ratty T-shirt you’ve had for almost a decade? Obviously it’s just taking up space in your closet, and it’s not really in the best condition to donate to Goodwill. Earth911 can help you turn that old shirt into a new grocery bag or a scarf. This site has tons of projects to help you repurpose items around your home. I’m just amazed at all the creative and innovative ways to recycle things around the house – giving a second life to stuff we’d normally throw away without a thought.

I challenge you to make small changes and start living a more sustainable lifestyle today. These sites are great resources and have numerous ways you can get started now. Whether it’s something as small as creating a recycle bin or as big as a garden to feed your whole family, every little bit you do to start living a greener life makes our planet a healthier place to live today and in the future.

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