Extreme Protection for Extreme Weather - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThis post was adapted from a story on the the Allstate Blog, which helps people prepare for the unpredictability of life.

We’ve all been there – wind and rain (and maybe even hail) are pounding the outside of your house while the family is huddled around the radio or a battery powered TV, no lights and wondering when it will all be over. Seems like we’re powerless against the wrath of Mother Nature, but does it really have to be such a helpless situation for us all? Storm preppers everywhere are using the latest innovations to combat severe weather, no matter what kind of storm you’re facing.

Safety Pod

When the big waves hit, you need to be able to protect yourself… and there’s no better way than to use the Tsunami Pod!  This may sound extreme, but if it saves your life, you’ll be glad you went with the newest innovation in storm protection.  This pod will keep a family of six upright and afloat in any high water situation and makes even the most seaworthy craft look like a river raft.

Safety Bubble

Even if you’re not out driving in the inclement weather, the thought of storm damage to your car can be frightening enough. Come hail or high water, you need to make sure your transportation survived. If you don’t have a storm-chasing tank, then Carcoon’s Double Skin Outdoor protection bubble  is your best bet!  It is a bubble of protection for your car that prevents damage from flying debris, extreme weather or even the unwanted animal seeking shelter.

Safety Net

If you’re the type to take safety to the extreme, then why not surround your entire home in a safety net? The Cat-5 Netting System will protect everything from your windows and doors to your roof shingles and landscaping.  It’s like wrapping your home in a cozy blanket, except this blanket can survive hurricane force winds, repel flying trees, and protect every man, woman, and child inside!  Are you a high roller with a private jet?  The Cat-5 Netting System protects planes too! But then again, if you had one of those, you would probably take it and fly somewhere with better weather.

This all may be a bit drastic, but preparation and protection are important.

What extreme measures have you taken against Mother Nature?


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