Vacation Home Locations - Quicken Loans BlogMen and women work hard every day to provide for their families, and they often do not have time to sit back and reflect on what they’ve accomplished. Vacations serve as a way for everyone to just sit back and smell the roses, without worrying about obligations to work, school or whatever drama enters your life.

Instead of having to plan an expensive trip for your family costing thousands of dollars, why not consider investing in a vacation property that can actually make you money if you decide to sell in the future?

Yes, there are many traditional places where people would love to get a vacation home, but here are four wonderful cities that you may not have thought about vacationing before.

Austin, TX

Looking for a non-traditional vacation home in a vibrant city? Austin, Texas is considered by many the live music capital of the world, and is also the home to University of Texas. There will plenty to do in a city that has sunshine for 300 days of the year.

With a strong spirit in and around the city, it’s easy to see how Austin gets over 19 million visitors a year. That’s more visitors in a year than Disneyland (14.7 million), the Eiffel Tower (6.7 million) and Niagara Falls (14 million)!

Home to South by Southwest (SXSW), the very popular film and music festival attracted over 30,000 paying attendees to the event, with thousands more coming to the city to enjoy the activities. There’s always music to listen to in the city, as it has become one of the more popular cities for artists to go and perform.

To make your vacation home a smart investment, not only do you need to increase the value of your home over time, but you need to invest in a property somewhere safe. Being the 14th safest city in the country, Austin has drawn in celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Lance Armstrong to own properties in commercial and residential neighborhoods. The average home price in Austin is only $188,600, which is below the national average by almost $10,000.

If you’re looking for an energetic city with lots of live music and other activities to enjoy, Austin might be a perfect place for you and your family to invest in a vacation home.

Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City, New Jersey is a highly sought after location for many families to invest in vacation homes. With eight miles of beautiful, sandy beaches off of the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City offers plenty of opportunities to live within footsteps of the sand.

Along with all of the obvious activities that go along with oceanfront living, Ocean City offers a boardwalk with plenty of restaurants, shops and other fun activities. If that gets to be too hectic for you, golfing and biking are additional ways that tourists and residents can get out and relax.

Being close to the ocean may be the only thing some need to come to Ocean City, and there’s a lot of real estate available to satisfy all of your desires at a reasonable price. Try looking for short sales and foreclosures, where there will be houses at a cheaper price. You can renovate your new vacation home using a few of our tips!

Big Bear Lake, CA

If life is too hectic for you and your family, and work will never seem to slow down, Big Bear Lake, California may be the perfect getaway for you. Only a two hour drive from Los Angeles, Big Bear Lake boasts a variety of activities both in the summer and winter seasons.

In the winter season, skiing and snowboarding are very popular sports for the locals, but if that gets too tiring for you, Big Bear Lake offers more relaxing activities such as horseback riding, or sitting and relaxing in front of a warm, cozy fireplace.

If your family decides to come to your vacation home in the summer time, be ready for an eventful trip. There are endless possibilities for the family from helicopter flights to zip lining and everything in between. The main attraction for Big Bear Lake is the lake itself, which includes fun activities such as jet skiing, tubing, swimming or just tanning and relaxing on the boat.

Did we mention that Hollywood loves to film here?  If you’re a fan of film, movies such as Gone with the Wind and Frankenstein had scenes filmed in Big Bear Lake, along with TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and the “King of Queens.” Investing in a property here will serve as a perfect vacation home to get away not only in the summer, but in all seasons.

Marco Island, FL

If you’ve ever thought of lying out on the beach in a canopy with palm trees and lots of sunshine, a vacation home in Marco Island, Florida would be a perfect investment for you and your family.

Marco Island can be the perfect place for families looking for not only a vacation home throughout the year, but also a future retirement home for the winter months.

Along with fishing and boating, Marco Island is a place filled with beautiful beaches, parks and warm weather year round. Whether you want to canoe and relax in the water, or walk in the mile long nature walk, Marco Island will refresh your mind, body and soul.

With an increased population of over 27% in the past 10 years, Marco Island is becoming a hot spot for buying real estate. It’s time to relax and watch your wealth grow while owning a Marco Island vacation home.

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