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*Enter HGTV’s Love It, List It, Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes at

One week down and three to go in HGTV’s Love It, List It, Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes presented by Quicken Loans.

Every Monday night in June you can visit to enter to win $50,000 to pay off your mortgage, upgrade your home or even put a down payment on a new house!

Simply watch HGTV’s Love It or List It at 8 p.m. ET for a special code word. You’ll then have 24 hours to visit to enter the sweepstakes.

Be sure to mark your calendars, two more chances to enter remain on June 17 and 24. Visit the Quicken Loans Zing Blog for contest updates and winner announcements!

To enter, and for Official Rules, including how to learn the Code Word and the Entry Period date(s)/time(s), visit


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  1. Hi I can not even begin to think about winning $50,000. What I would like is to find out what do you do with the cabinets and vanity’s that take out of your fixers. Some of them look in really good shape. I would take them off your hand if you need a taker.My kitchen is a puzzle of trick. I have to lift the counter to get drawers open. The lights go off and on at random,when you open the cabinet door it is like finger nails on a chalk board.And when the heat goes on the linoleum rises from the floor and heats under the floor. My kitchen and two baths are a mess. I had a broken toilet in my upstairs bath, It was a waterfall down to the 1st floor and basement that was 3 years ago. I got money from the insurance, but I had to used it for oil. I have my Dad with me and ever since he had a stroke he is always cold.I did have the one bath done,and then the roof leaked. (got that fixed) I could go on with how crazy my life really is,but that would bore you. I really don’t mind someone’s trash, It would proudly be my treasures…. You could leave me a message me thru facebook. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. Sincerely Joan McNally

  2. please list me in order to win such kind of money on june so that I can buy a house I love your show

  3. I absolutely love your show. Your ability to create space & order and design skills are amazing. My daughters and I have been in our home since 2005 post Katrina. We’ve attempted to remodel, organize & beautify but have not achieved the polished look that we desire. We need your help, your skills.

  4. I moved to my current home after Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. I have done some renovations but because of lack of storage space clutter is an issue. My daughters and I tried doing some of the work ourselves but it has become clear that we lack the skills to achieve the refined and polished look that is desired. Please please help.

  5. How do I get an ENTRY FORM? I know the code word is LOVE but I cannot get on the proper sweepstakes entry page. The site is confusing and has a lot of different start and end dates. I tried lots of connections, and cannot find the site HGTV.COM/love it.

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