DIY Indoor Halloween Decorations - Quicken Loans Zing BlogStruggling to find terrifying themes for your Halloween party? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Last week we talked about some outdoor Halloween decorations you can make yourself. This week, we’re bringing the DIY Halloween decorations inside to help you prepare for your Halloween bash. Transforming your home into a haunted house doesn’t need to cost a ton of money, either.

Freaky funhouse
Maybe it’s just me, but even if a funhouse doesn’t try to come off as creepy, it does. I think funhouses weird me out more than actual haunted houses. It’s pretty easy to make a freaky funhouse-themed party, and most of the stuff you might already have.

In whichever rooms you decide to have your party, replace all of your light bulbs with black light bulbs (many stores even offer eco-friendly ones!). Now you need to make some things that glow in a black light, but don’t go out and buy anything yet. You’d be surprised how many materials around your home glow in a black light:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Fluorescent paints
  • Paint primer
  • Fluorescent highlighters

Gather some old curtains, bed sheets, cardboard or any other materials you might have laying around and use the fluorescent materials to paint them. After they dry you can hang them around the house. You could also paint some plates, vases or platter trays. If you find old photos or posters, you can highlight them with some fluorescent paint (make sure to hit the eyes with some paint) and hang those up too.

Round up the mirrors hanging around your house and move them to your party area. Finish the room off with some dry ice for added effect, and your freaky funhouse is done!

You can even make some food and drinks that glow for your funhouse. Add some tonic water to your punch bowl, frosting or Jell-O creations. Your local grocery store might even sell neon food coloring that works, too.

Frightening funeral home
Maybe a trippy funhouse doesn’t fit your style. Well, if you’re looking for something darker, you can make a pretty cheap funeral-home-themed haunted house. Check out your local thrift store, and pick up some vases that you can turn into urns. Make them look old and dusty by throwing some dirt on them. Then cover them with that fake spider web stuff you can pick up at the store for a few dollars.

Your local grocery store may have some extra boxes around that you can snag to make a homemade coffin or two. provides measurements and directions you can follow to put a coffin together. Vary the measurements if you want a bigger or smaller coffin – making sure to add or subtract equally on all the measurements so it remains proportional. Once you have it all pieced together, paint the coffin whatever color or design you want.

Cover a table with a nice tablecloth and set the coffin on top. Place your urns and coffin and finish with some of those cheap spider webs and some black roses from your local craft store. Leaving the lid slightly cracked with some dry ice inside adds a nice spooky element.

Horrific hospital
If you have some old, white bed sheets, cover them with fake blood and rip them up. Hang your bloody curtains up to block off rooms you might not want guests to go in. Another idea is to hang them up in the party area, cut out the silhouette of a person holding a knife (or whatever), and backlight the scene.

If you have an extra table and some leftover bloody curtains, use them to cover the table. Then grab some chains from the garage and wrap them around the table.

At some local thrift stores, I noticed some old scrubs for only a few dollars. You can dye them with red food coloring and rips some holes. Also pick up an extra shirt or pants. You can cut the appendages off, then stuff and throw some red dye on them to look like severed appendages.

Complete your horrifying hospital with some frightening food. Last year one of my friends used oral syringes to serve Jell-o shots, which I thought was a pretty awesome idea. You can get them in a variety of sizes and fill them with different color Jell-o. had some great ideas for body-part-themed food. I really liked the ideas they had for turning breadsticks into bones and fingers made from sting cheese.

With a little inspiration and some creative ingenuity you can make your Halloween party frightening and fun. Combine the ideas and alter them so they fit your theme. Visit a salvage store or junkyard to see if anything sparks your imagination. Think outside the average, overpriced store decorations. Making your own decorations is way more fun, anyways, and saves you a ton of money!

Do you have other ideas for DIY indoor Halloween decorations? Share them with Zing readers below!


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