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Every so often, I’m overcome with the urge to redecorate, and while my budget can’t afford new furniture every few months, I certainly have enough stuff around to change things up. One of the most visible areas is the living room, and the top of the coffee table is a perfectly irresistible blank canvas. No matter your style aesthetic, creating a fun, funky coffee table centerpiece out of things around the house is a quick way to showcase your style.

Start with a Surface

In my many incarnations of centerpieces, I almost always start with something flat to build upon. If you’ve got a tray, it’s a perfect start. For added coordination, line the bottom with scrapbook paper that goes well with your décor. This is a place where you can get funky if you’re more classic or cautious in your décor.

If you don’t have a tray to use, think beyond! Try a spare placemat to break up the table’s surface, or a stack of books. A large picture frame laid flat works well, too; just frame some scrapbook paper or fabric for a nice finish. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, group flat tops from tins upside down, so their shiny surface reflects.

Add Some Height

Line up some pillar candles for a bit of height and visual interest. Have a collection of vases collecting dust? Line those up instead, and fill them with any number of objects – beans, marbles, buttons, small toys, etc. Christmas ornaments don’t only belong on a tree one month a year – choose beyond red or green to match your décor!

Remember that cake stand you registered for, which now sits unused in a cupboard? It’s a great piece to add height to your centerpiece, and you can put tea lights on top for an elegant look. You can even repurpose glasses and plates to make your own pedestal for a personalized look.

Add Some Flair

Get creative with your tchotchkes to finish your look. I’ve got a carved wooden bowl from South Africa that looks great on my table, and as an added bonus, it makes me think of the dear friends who gave it to me. Now’s the chance to showcase any little sculptural pieces, bowls, trinkets, etc. that you might have languishing around the house. Just remember to keep scale in mind as you decorate – don’t overwhelm a small coffee table with lots of stuff, but go a little more complex with bigger table surfaces. The odd-number rule also applies; since the human eye is drawn to objects in odd-numbered groups, try odd numbers of objects and heights.

With a little ingenuity and rooting through cupboards to find your materials, you can build your own work of art to decorate your coffee table!

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