Detroit Free Press Names Quicken Loans #1 Place to Work…Again! - Zing BlogI think Quicken Loans is a pretty cool place to work. Don’t take it from me, though.

Take it from the Detroit Free Press, which announced earlier today that Quicken Loans earned top honors in the 2012 Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces competition among large employers in Michigan.

What’s so special about the award? It means people enjoy their job. When people enjoy their job, they don’t mind coming to work. When they don’t mind coming to work, they’ll get their work done. In simple terms, we like what we do here.

As someone who’s relatively new to the company, the accolade doesn’t surprise me, for many different reasons. Do I enjoy the unlimited popcorn and slushees? My dentist can vouch for me on that. What about the many free lunches and other snacks we get on a daily basis? My belt buckle can tell you I enjoy my share. How about other perks such as tickets to concerts and sporting events? Absolutely. Even in the midst of writing this blog, someone was going around the office handing out free lunch bags. Who wouldn’t like a free lunch bag?

While all of the above perks are GREAT, I think the best parts about working at Quicken Loans are the people and the atmosphere. People around here are full of energy and great ideas, things needed for the fast-paced environment Quicken Loans offers.

When I was new to the company, I was stunned by things that have become engrained as normal to me. I’m talking about some of the crazy paint jobs/wallpaper and the names of the meeting rooms (Tree Fort, Central Perk, Boardwalk, to name a few). I was especially surprised with how everyone is encouraged to give their opinions and how much those opinions are valued. As someone that’s been here for about six months now, it’s exciting to see new people come in and have that same look of shock I once had.

I don’t usually like to brag, but I think it’s alright this time. My coworker, Krissy Schwab, feels the same.

“Every day I come into work and new challenges meet me. I’m constantly learning and growing. My team leaders are supportive and listen. It’s really a place that cares about their workers and seeing them succeed.”

Well put, Krissy.

I’m proud to say I work for the company that was named the #1 place to work in Michigan. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say the same? If you’re interested in joining something great, go to the Quicken Loans Careers site and take a look around. If you find something you like, you might be the next wide-eyed person roaming the halls.


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