Dan Gilbert - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIt’s something we’ve know around here for a long time.

But now, according to ABC affiliate WXYZ here in Detroit, it’s offical. Dan Gilbert is Detroit’s Newsmaker of the Year.

For bringing more than 7,500 workers downtown. For leading a group that has bought (and is refurbishing) 15 buildings. For investing hundreds of millions in a city that many had left for dead. For believing in Detroit.

Here is some info from WXYZ’s website:

WXYZ-TV has chosen Detroit businessman and entrepreneur Dan Gilbert as the  2012 Newsmaker of the Year.

Gilbert is the founder and chairman of Rock Ventures and  Quicken  Loans, and has been a catalyst for change in downtown Detroit. He purchased  15 buildings in the last two years, giving him nearly 2.6 million square feet of  commercial space in the heart of the city. He plans to develop the space to  bring new businesses, opportunities and jobs to downtown Detroit.

The Newsmaker of the Year also heads up the team spearheading the  “Opportunity  Detroit” campaign to build momentum downtown.

Gilbert made news in 2010 when he moved the headquarters of Quicken Loans to  the Campus Martius area in downtown Detroit. Since then, his companies have  moved more than 7,500 employees to downtown locations. Gilbert says his mission  is to have a positive impact on the city by creating a technology and web-based  hub in downtown Detroit. Despite its challenges, he says he believes Detroit is  on the verge of a great comeback and suggests, “it’s always darkest before the  dawn.”

It might always be darkest before dawn, but I’m seeing lots of sunlight creeping in lately. And that’s a welcome site a kid who grew up in Detroit. Here’s a video of WXYZ discussing the award. Enjoy!

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