Taking a Cue from the Airlines, Hotels Add More Fees - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThere’s a new industry to gripe about: Hotels.  Following in the footsteps of major airlines, hotels are adding fees for services from early check-ins to holding your luggage.  On top of standard fees like taking a little something from the mini-fridge, many guests may now have to factor in gym or pool access and more, whether they use those facilities during their stay or not.

Some hotels (ahem, in Chicago, for example) charge $50 and up per night just to park your car.  Need Wi-Fi for work?  It’s becoming common to pay $10 or more per day!

Whether staying in a hotel for pleasure or business, the cost of doing so is hardly a pleasure and more like a business.  Pretty soon, no one will fly anywhere and we will all sleep in tents – sound good?

To read more, check out this CNNMoney story about frustrating hotel fees.

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  1. Hey Victoria – I was actually just reading this article earlier today. I have a friend that works for a corporate housing company and he said that they’ve seen an increase in clients who are fed up with absurd fees. It’ll be interesting to see how any backlash will be handled by the hotel chains.

    Thanks for sharing! – Aly

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