Countdown to 'I Do': 5 Things to Do After the Proposal - Quicken Loans Zing BlogA year ago last friday, my fiancé Elliott pulled out a ring on a quiet beach on Mackinac Island and asked me to marry him.  It was rainy and I was drenched and covered in mud but it was one of the happiest days of my life. Since then, it’s been a crazy year full of wedding planning.

Now, the big day is less than seven weeks away and there is still a lot to do.  But let me take you back to the beginning and talk about five things to do once you get engaged.

1. Call your family and friends

Don’t let your best friends find out the great news on Facebook. Call them up and let them know! You will get even more excited when you hear their excitement too. When you make an effort to call people they might make an effort to help you with planning! Believe me, it’s way better than a “like” on Facebook. Once you’ve called all of those closest to you, then feel free to post it to your social media sites and watch your notifications blow up.

2. Pick a date

Guaranteed, it’s the next question people will ask you after you tell them the big news. If you don’t have an exact date in mind, talk to your betrothed about a general time (late fall next year, this summer, etc.). This way you will be able to give your future guests some sort of idea about when they should avoid going on their vacation.

3. Insure that ring

Chances are, someone spent some money on that rock. You wouldn’t want to be walking around town only to look down and find your ring gone. I’m going to be honest with you – I haven’t insured my ring yet…I really need to.  I’ve had a few heart attack moments where my ring accidently slipped off; insurance would definitely ease that anxiousness.

4. Start planning in your head

Have a big picture plan before you start writing checks.  One the way home from our Mackinac vacation, Elliott and I bought a few bridal magazines to flip through and talk about what we envisioned the day to look like. Once you have something in mind, you can start looking at flowers, dresses and decorations.  My mom got me this great wedding planner that gave me tons of information. I would highly recommend it. If you aren’t already a member of, join. Now. It has tons of ideas and articles to browse through. It also has some great budgeting and guest list tools that will make your life much easier.

5. Don’t even think about stressing out yet

Unless you’re planning on having a weeklong engagement, you have plenty of time to get stuff done. Take some time to reflect on everything that has happened, and everything about to come. Write down in detail how the proposal went down, because those details might get a little fuzzy. In the grand scheme of things, the wedding is only one day; it’s the marriage that is important. If there is anything I’ve learned from planning my wedding, it is the art of delegating. You don’t have to do everything yourself! Let someone else take care of it.

Wedding planning is a ton of fun. There might be times when you feel like you are at the end of your rope, but they won’t last.

Let me know what kind of wedding planning questions you have, and I’ll be happy to help out!


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