Countdown to ‘I Do’: Creating a Wedding Registry

Elliott and I opening gifts at our shower

Putting together a wedding registry is helpful for both you and your guests. This way your guests know what you actually want and you don’t end up getting three crystal pitchers that you really don’t need.  Gifts are a traditional way for your wedding guests to celebrate your marriage—it also helps stock up your new home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your registry.

Take inventory of what you already have

You will get a massive checklist of things to register for when you open up your wedding registry. It’s slightly overwhelming. Chances are, you don’t need everything on that list. If both of you have been living on your own for a while, you probably already have some stuff. If you’re straight out of college like me, you probably don’t have anything.  Cross the stuff off the checklist that you already have, and highlight some items that you really want.

Register together

It’s always better when you’re together right? Registering can be a fun thing to do during date night. You should start registering soon after you’re engaged too—people will be eager to get you stuff!  The two of you will probably disagree on a few things so this is a great chance to practice compromising with one another. Oh, and share the registry gun! When my fiancé, Elliott, and I and put together our wedding registry—he would not let me hold the gun. He lurked around like he was on Mission Impossible, scanning random things like marshmallow shooters and butterfly mugs!  Talk about what you want your future home to look like and discuss what big-ticket items are most important to you.

Think of your guests

Your wedding guests are the ones actually buying you the gifts, so be considerate of them. Be sure to register for items at every price point (under $50, under $75, under $100, under $200…) Also, make certain you are registered for enough. Don’t leave those guests who wait until the last minute with only three gifts to choose from (even if they did procrastinate). Last, give them options. It’s a good idea to register at two different places. Not only will this give you more variety in your wish list, but it will be more accommodating for your guests. Try to register somewhere that offers online ordering so that gifts can come right to you.

Think about your lifestyle

One thing that I could not decide on was whether or not I wanted fine china. Elliott picked out some really cute china that I loved, but we both weren’t convinced it was something we really needed. I eventually decided that a Kitchen Aid standing mixer would be a better big-ticket item to register for. It’s so tempting to register for everything you see—but take a step back and think about what you are going to use. Elliott had a great idea and registered us for our favorite board games, something I never would have thought of!

Once you get that hand-held scanner in your hands, the power is yours! Use it wisely and create a wedding registry that fits your needs and accommodates your guests.

No doubt you will still get gifts that aren’t on your registry. That’s okay! I got some amazing green serveware from a place I had not even registered at (sometimes your guests know you better than you think). Last tip: be thankful for every gift you get!


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  1. Hello! for a great idea on where to register you guys should check out my friends did and it made it so simple and easy for them and their guests! Loved it!!!

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