Currently, flu season has been replaced with warm and sunny days for most Americans.

Yet, the financial impact on those who sought medical attention due to influenza outbreaks this past winter has given penny pinchers a case of mysophobia as they attempt to avoid expensive medical bills.

Reports from Frugal Dad state businesses lose an average of $16.3 billion annually due to flu related illnesses compared to the average American’s $92 loss per year.

The reported $87.1 billion taken out of the U.S. economy every year due to influenza is enough to supply every American with vaccinations for eight years!

While you may not be a germaphobe, the cost you may incur if you or a loved one becomes infected may persuade you to wear rubber gloves until you get your finances in order – or at least a reliable health insurance plan.

Here is a cool infographic from our friends at Frugal Dad illustrating the true cost of catching the flu.

Cost of the Flu Infographic



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