What a difference a year makes.

Last January the U.S. economy added 110,000 jobs. This year, the Labor Department reports show that 243,000 jobs were added in January.

One surprising fact about the current employment spurt is that the increase of jobs in January is even higher than the increase in November (160,000) and December (200,000) of last year – a time when companies nationwide go on seasonal hiring sprees to accommodate millions of holiday shoppers. This means that the hiring numbers are not skewed, and many jobless Americans have now found work!

Since October of last year, American employers have increased their hiring for the fifth month in a row.  This has lead to the lowest unemployment rate (8.3 percent) since early 2009.

“This is an optimistic jobs report, especially in light of very poor jobs reports for almost three years,” said Brian Hamilton, CEO of the financial information company Sageworks.

Also, in line with the current American hiring spurt, Quicken Loans is hiring 300 technology gurus now, as well as 500 paid interns this summer

To view the employment graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and read the full article about the rise in American employment, head over to CNN Money.


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  1. LMAO!!!! Slappey? Do you have any pride whatsoever in your work?

    Or do just like trolling and shilling? What is your deal man?
    Why do you want to be perceived as a unintelligent journo, I don’t get it man.
    What is your background in economics?

    January unemployment ROSE to 11.5%. 1.2 Million available workers have dropped out
    of the labor force. Funny YOU didn’t mention that, huh.

    You want to know why the RE industry is looked upon mostly as a joke?
    We have a bunch of carpet and used car salesmen and the hacks who report on it
    running around claiming they are ‘experts’ when in real;ity, they don’t know much
    past the words listing, sale and staging.

    Iit’s as if you couldn’t be BOTHERED to take one single minute of any
    credible research and/or analysis in your economic articles.

    As a 9 year appraiser and 2 year agent, I see nothing but pitiful examples of so-called
    ‘professionals’ in real estate and the residential side is the absolute worst of it all.

    A bunch of house frau’s and stuffed-suits who take a meaningless 75 hour course
    and then go out and start selling properties AND who under the drunken influence
    that they think they know ANYTHING about the financial and economic aspects of real estate.

    Let me point you and your real estate buddy sheep to some meaningful articles
    on unemployment and labor statistics Jonathon. Please, in the future, do some research for
    god sakes. take some pride in being a journo.




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