With millions of students across America attending classes today for the first day of school, they will inevitably bring home a list of supplies to satisfy the requirements on their syllabus and course outlines.

While retail giants like Target and Walmart garner much of the back-to-school crowd, online retail companies like Chalkfly are providing discounts for many of the same items sold at these stores and helping out local teachers and schools with every purchase!

Chalkfly provides teachers and students with the resources they need to improve education by providing discounted school supplies online.

Believe or not, teachers collectively spend more than $1 billion out-of-pocket on classroom supplies alone! Although teachers can claim up to $250 on their taxes for annual classroom expenses, this amount hardly scratches the surface in regards to how much teachers actually spend to make sure their students have the necessary supplies to achieve academically.

With 21% of children in America currently living below the poverty line, it’s easy to understand why caring teachers have to reach into their own pockets to assist students who don’t have the financial support to compete academically.

For this reason, Chalkfly gives customers the option to place orders using a school’s GiveBackCode in order for that specific school to receive 5% of the total order price!

As a startup in the Bizdom family of companies, Chalkfly has received help accelerating their business and continues to echo the giving nature of serial entrepreneur and Bizdom founder Dan Gilbert, by helping teachers and schools in the community.

Chalkfly’s goal is for schools to be able to better educate their students and to create a better learning environment.

When your children inevitably bring home their list of last minute school supplies, you can help them and help teachers and schools in your community by purchasing these items from Chalkfly.


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