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Opportunity Detroit: Welcomes the Holiday Season

Paul W. Smith (WJR) and Stephen Luigi Piazza’s (Quicken Loans) will be kicking November off on a high note! November brings the start of the Christmas shopping season, voting day, and Thanksgiving, but it also means it’s time for another weekly Opportunity Detroit radio show on WJR-760 AM. The show highlights some cool companies and organizations in the Detroit area.

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Opportunity Detroit: A Magnet for Growth

Happy Friday, from Paul W. Smith (WJR), Stephen Luigi Piazza (Quicken Loans) and the whole crew at the Opportunity Detroit Radio Show! Don’t forget to tune into their weekly radio show on WJR-760 AM. They chat with the folks in the know on all of the exciting things going on around the city.

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This Week in Financial Blunders: Government Shutdown Edition Vol. 1

Finding new and interesting stories for This Week in Financial Blunders has been a bit of a challenge over the past week or so. Why’s that? Well it’s because the only thing being covered on American news outlets has been the government shutdown, and rightfully so. It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, stories of the year and it has potential to affect the entire global economy. That’s why this week’s stories of monetary mishaps are all caused by the shutdown. The phrase “read ‘em and weep” has never rung so true.

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Opportunity Detroit: Helping Others with Resources

No one is sure how they pull it off every week but Paul W. Smith (WJR) and Stephen Luigi Piazza (Quicken Loans) always manage to find new and insightful guests for their weekly radio show on WJR-760 AM. They are masters at getting people thinking about the many opportunities in and around Detroit. Here’s a rundown for tonight’s show.

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What Happens If the Government Shuts Down?

As the President and Congress continue to do battle over the federal budget, the possibility of a government shutdown looms if an agreement cannot be reached. That’s because government agencies need government resources to function. Since the current budget expires on September 30, these agencies would not be funded until a new budget was agreed upon.

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Analyzing Education Around the World | Infographic - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Analyzing Education Around the World | Infographic

Some people think the U.S. has a long way to go regarding our educational system. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not America was hitting the mark in our school systems, this is your lucky day!
Check out this infographic below. We compared pupil/teacher ratios for the United States and other countries near and far, investigated how many hours some students spend studying every year, and the high school graduation rates abroad.

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This Week in Financial Blunders: Poverty and Gold

If a financial blunder is incredibly small and no one is there to see it, does it really happen? Well, in our technological age it’s pretty unlikely that would happen. It’s hard to avoid any type of public embarrassment in the age of social media and camera phones. But sometimes a financial atrocity is so large it obstructs your view of it entirely. That’s why in this edition of This Week in Financial Blunders, we focus on mishaps of incredible size, globally and physically.

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Time’s Running Out! What’s on Your Summer To-Do List?

Can you believe next week we’ll be saying hasta la vista to summer, and hello to fall weather? This may be good news if you’ve had a busy, fun-filled summer and accomplished everything on your to-do list for the warmest season of the year! But if you’re like me and most of the 100 people I polled last week, you definitely aren’t ready to say goodbye yet. In an email survey, I asked: What have you neglected to do all summer long and still want to cross off your do list?

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Opportunity Detroit: New Movement in the Motor City

This week’s Opportunity Detroit radio will spotlight a new company that is a popular choice for online food deliveries, a new organization dedicated to increasing volunteerism in Detroit and will feature a downtown businessman who has opened a new commercial and residential real estate brokerage. Don’t forget to tune in this Friday evening, August 23, at 7:00 p.m. ET for all that and more!

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This Week in Financial Blunders: Movies, Books and Television

We all have our favorite forms of entertainment and they all have their own set of pros and cons. The common thread is the people distributing them: they don’t always make the best decisions. See what flubs happened on this edition of This Week in Financial Blunders.

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