An Inside Look At Unconventional Retirements

An Inside Look at Unconventional Retirements

Today we’re getting an inside look at some of the world’s most unconventional retirees. They worked hard throughout their careers – saving, investing and providing for their families – but instead of throwing in the towel after their last paycheck, they took a chance and started a new adventure.

How To Fund An Entrepreneurial Business With Your 401(k)

How to Fund an Entrepreneurial Business with Your 401(k)

The employment landscape has changed dramatically; a growing number of Americans, experiencing substantially less job security than previous generations, are leaning toward the idea of reinventing themselves from employee to entrepreneur. What holds many of them back is this question: Where will they get the funds to buy or start a business?

You’re Ready To Retire, But Your Spouse Is Not

You’re Ready to Retire, But Your Spouse Is Not

So you’re ready to retire, but your spouse is not. This can cause some serious stress in your marriage, as well as significant financial problems. Before you decide to take the plunge into retirement before your spouse is ready to join you, take a moment to consider the struggles that come with it.

When Is The Best Time To Retire?

When Is the Best Time to Retire?

If retirement is an option for you in the next few years, it’s important to pick the best time for you. The year and month you retire can greatly affect your benefits and vacation pay, and can have implications on your Social Security benefits and taxes. Here are several considerations to carefully weigh out.