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This Year, Get Tools to Manage Your Tax Expenses

Tax time is looming and if you own a small business or are a single proprietor, you’re probably scrambling to get all your records straight. Are your W2s out and were they postmarked by January 31? What about 1099s to consultants to whom you paid more than $600 in 2013? They need to get a Copy C by January 31. Remember, the IRS needs to get a Copy A by February, along with the cover page, known as Form 1096. Don’t forget that consultants include LLCs, DBAs, and partnerships. Avoid this mess for 2014 by using online tools and services that make tax time much less stressful.

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Compound Interest - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Compound Interest: The Good and The Bad

Compound interest really is a great invention and a powerful force — depending on which end you’re on.

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Documents You Need for Your Tax Appointment - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Documents You Need to Bring to Your Tax Appointment

Depending on your income, assets, marital status and a host of other life factors, making sure you have all of the necessary documents needed to file your taxes can seem daunting. Here’s a quick checklist of items you may need to gather before meeting with your tax professional.

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Have a Mortgage? Consider the Tax Benefits

When major life events change the facts of your life, they can also change your tax situation. With tax season under way, it makes sense to consider how certain events will impact your situation. The Motley Fool has a list of life events that can impact your taxes. One of those things is buying a home with a mortgage.

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Three Low-Cost Ways to Capture Your Wedding Day - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Three Low-Cost Ways to Capture Your Wedding Day

Wedding photography and videography are EXPENSIVE! If you don’t have room in the budget for both, there are a few alternative options. Here are a few ways to get all the wedding pictures and videos you deserve, without going broke.

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Three Signs You Need to Hire an Accountant for Your Taxes

As tempting as it is to save money by doing your taxes on your own (or with a little help from software), there are times when it makes more sense to just pay an accountant. I used to do my taxes completely on my own, and then I added tax prep software when things started getting serious. After a few years I realized that I needed a little more help. Here are the 3 signs that led me to hire an accountant for my taxes.

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Spring Break on a Bare Minimum Budget - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Spring Break on a Bare Minimum Budget

There are plenty of opportunities to go on a just as good (dare I say better?) spring break trip for a very small fraction of the cost. Here’s a guide to doing spring break on the bare minimum budget.

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Wiring Money: A How-To (and Why Should I?) Guide - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Wiring Money: A How-To (and Why Should I?) Guide

Wiring money … how is it done, where does it go and what benefits will it provide me? These are common thoughts running through the mind of someone who’s attempting to wire large amounts of money for the first time. Let us assure you, wiring money is secure, quick and reliable. Here’s your mini-guide on wiring money.

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Five Inexpensive Ways to Dress Up Cheap Wedding Favors - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Five Inexpensive Ways to Dress Up Cheap Wedding Favors

Like most brides, my biggest wedding-related challenge is staying on budget. Favors are just one area where I really want to save money – so I’m compromising a bit on quality and going cheap. But here’s some good news for other budget-loving brides: Cheap favors don’t have to look cheap! Here are some ways to take your beer-budget favors to a champagne-budget level.

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What Would You Do with a Billion Dollars? - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

What Would You Do with a Billion Dollars?

Under normal circumstances, asking, “What would you do with a billion dollars?” seems like a pointless question. Might as well ask, “How many kneecaps does a snake have?” Huh? What? Why would you even ask that? A snake has zero kneecaps, and I will never have a billion dollars. But times have changed. Now that Quicken Loans, in partnership with Berkshire Hathaway, is offering you a chance to win a billion dollars by creating a perfect bracket for the upcoming 2014 men’s college basketball championship, becoming a billionaire is closer to reality than ever.

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