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Managing Personal Finances – Tips for Young Professionals

Money saving ideas and tips from a working young professional.

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Retirement Savings Accounts for Young'uns - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Five Retirement Tips for Women

Calling all women: are you and your bank account ready for retirement? Check out these five tips for a stronger financial future.

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Myths and Facts About Credit Pulls

Myths and Facts About Credit Pulls and Your Credit

There are lots of information about credit pulls and your credit. Some of it is just myths, some are facts. Read on to see common myths about credit pulls and myths about your credit!

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Splurge Without Guilt

Splurge Without Feeling Guilty

What good is money if it’s not making your life more enjoyable? Learn how to turn your money into happiness.

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Effect Of Debt Ceiling On Your Personal Finances

What is the debt ceiling? How does it affect me? These are some questions that you may ask yourself whenever your hear about the national debt and the debt ceiling in the news. Learn about how this affects you and the economy.

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Too Young to Start a Retirement Fund? Think Again. - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Saving Money Tips: Reversing the American Trend

Half of Americans are unprepared for unexpected expenses. What side are you on? Follow these simple tips to insulate yourself from financial calamity.

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Mortgage Assistance Benefits Expanded for Many in California - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Federal Help Near for Unemployed Homeowners

A new initiative allows eligible jobless homeowners to defer mortgage payments while they seek employment.

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Rising Credit Scores Suggest Loan Rebound Across U.S

The average credit score for Americans rose to 696 last month and total consumer lending saw growth in the first quarter leading many to believe we’re on the cusp of a loan rebound across the country.

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Unexpected Bills - Are You Prepared

Unexpected Bills – Are You Prepared?

Ever wonder “How can I be better prepared for an unexpected bill?” We share a few of our favorite tips for saving money for unanticipated expenses.

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$500 Twitter Giveaway: How would you support the troops?

I’m back with another giveaway for all you Tweeps! If you haven’t signed up for Twitter yet, get on it! We’re going to have lots [...]

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