An Inside Look At Unconventional Retirements

An Inside Look at Unconventional Retirements

Today we’re getting an inside look at some of the world’s most unconventional retirees. They worked hard throughout their careers – saving, investing and providing for their families – but instead of throwing in the towel after their last paycheck, they took a chance and started a new adventure.

Can The IRS Seize Your Income Tax Refund?

Can the IRS Seize Your Income Tax Refund?

It’s a fact of life that occasionally financial troubles come up. Perhaps something happened and you fell behind on your student loans or child support. You may be wondering if the IRS can seize your income tax refund. The short answer is yes. They can take your return. Find out why and what you can do about it if it’s a mistake.

How To Fund An Entrepreneurial Business With Your 401(k)

How to Fund an Entrepreneurial Business with Your 401(k)

The employment landscape has changed dramatically; a growing number of Americans, experiencing substantially less job security than previous generations, are leaning toward the idea of reinventing themselves from employee to entrepreneur. What holds many of them back is this question: Where will they get the funds to buy or start a business?